Thursday, March 5, 2009



You'd think that "police" on a university in a supposedly civilized country like Canada would be able to protect the rights of student journalists documenting an "open" university event, held to [of course] bash Israel...But no.

When the Islamofascist organizers discovered that some of the folks with cameras were THA JOOOOOOOOOOOOS, well, the well-known Islamist respect for free and open debate, private property, and life and limb came into play.  "We'll saw your f@cking" head off," and other charming Muslim retorts filled the air.  But isn't that what we've come to expect from these evil Islamist vermin?

What we DO NOT EXPECT is for theoretically sober, professional Canadian constables to sell themselves off to these wicked savages, and help them to plan their pogroms against Canada's Joooooooooos.  Thank God some courageous brothers were not deterred, and were able to obtain clear photos of these whore-thugs.  Or maybe they've already converted to Islam?

Let us resolve that no Jewish alumni of UToronto will even consider contributing a dime to it until every single one of these thugs and the entire UToronto administration is sacked, forthwith. 



Anonymous said...

Gestapo bast*rds.

I agree, not one dime!

Anonymous said...

This was disgusting.
Canada is considered to be a multicultural nation and yet there isn't a shred of respect for the Jewish population. But if you're a Muslim everyone kisses ass. No wonder the resentment is growing against the Muslims, they receive preferential treatment no matter how badly THEY behave!

Anonymous said...

oh i see so Muslims behave like jerks and insult us every day and then they get treated well,thats what i call fucked up.

ps fuck islam and muslims.

Anonymous said...


Please stop this immediately... you may offend someone... and if they get angry... it's too terrible to think about

Anonymous said...

We are sick of all these Muslims wussey assss. They want respect from us however not willing to give us respect. End of the day, they think we hate Muslims. Actually, it just there hates that goes back to them in double force. I don't know why our government wants to put billions of dollars for them, so they can stop living in Stone Age and live like a civilized person. Actually, this is not going to happen becoz Muslims don't want to live like a human being or in other words they are not. Besides, Muslims always cry about westerns. I never get it, why they are still living in western countries, why don't they go back to their caves and fuck their children( as Mohd used to do and still his followers).
Last, just want to say, Mohd was a prophet of doom and fuck Islam.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Jewish, however, this is really getting bad. I believe Jews and Christians must unite to fight the Socialists and the Islamic threat. The Socialists/Communists have joined forces with the Muslims! I'll never understand why the majority of Jews in my country vote for the Democrats whose policies could lead to the destruction of Israel? It's mind boggling!

BlackbootJack said...

Theres a lot of groups out there that people can get involved in. It all starts with one person.
Don't forget to list
Infidel Task Force
Americans Against Shariah.

check them out, join up.

Anonymous said...

I've been preaching the cold hard facts about islamofascism and the threat it poses to Western culture, and that means Canada too, for some time now.
The people are unaware of the threat because the left wing media orchestrates it that way.
Multiculturalism my fucking ass.
I'm sick of tolerating the intolerant and I resent being referred to as an "infidel".
Send the "PIG KISSERS" back to whence they came.
If you want to live in Canada leave your twisted way of life and your corrosive ideology back in your homeland shit hole.
I don't see any Jewish "suicide bombers" but I sure do see a lot of ISLAMIC HOMOCIDE BOMBERS. Beheadings are taking place in Arab countries not Israel.
Women are being stoned to death in accordance with the Koran and Sharia but not the Torah or Christian Bible.
Islamo-fascists preach "death to all infidels" but the Jews or Christians don't.
Islam is the "Religion of Peace" and a whole lot of dead bodies.

The Great Sage

Anonymous said...

I also am not Jewish but have several friend who are. I am an advocate of anti_Islamist speech and promotion. Islam has ceased to be a religion because of the actions of Islamists. Those Muslims that refuse to stand up and stop these terrorists are just as much a part of the problem as Islamist terrorists themselves. I have been posting on this for quite a while now.
Bob A.

Anonymous said...

Islam is proof that Muhamad was a camel screwing fool! Only an idiot with no brains will believe in the crap this idiotic cult of death preaces!
To all you Alah and Muhamad believers, eat crap and die!
I saw Muhamad and Alah this morning right after my morning crap ritual,.. I fluhsed them!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps when it is muslims who lay dying in the street from gang violence as a reaction to their less-than-intelligent outcries for respect for islam they will begin to understand that you play along to get along and other such principles that make a multicultural society function.

I believe that if they continue unabated, it would only be human if they were discriminated against with violence. Vancouver has shown that there are enough guns and knives in Canada to get the job done. Perhaps that is what it will take. Kill a few thousand of them to put the fear of reprisal in them and maybe they won't be so certain of their rights to tell everyone else how to live.

Seriously, how much does it take before this happens?