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"I just want to say I love my family, I love them so much, but I'm still in fear for my life."

The Rifqa Bary Case

Chalk up a win for The Good Guys.

YES, Rifqa Bary is SAFE, for at least 2 weeks—HOORAYYYY!! BARUCH HASHEM!!

Jewish Odysseus attended the Dependency Court hearing in Orlando’s Juvenile Court today, and it was almost enough to restore one’s faith in America. Guardian Ad Litem attorney Krista Bartholomew did an outstanding job for Rifqa, as did Orlando attorney John Stemberger. Florida’s Department of Children and Families also took a respectable (not to say courageous) position, opposing Rifka’s return to the Ohio Caliphate at least until Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) could complete its own investigation into whether Rifqa’s family and—very significantly—the “surrounding community”— may threaten imminent harm to her.

(A few hours research into the Noor Mosque and a brief review of the Central Ohioans Against Terrorism website will surely suffice to prove to the FDLE that Rifqa has about as much chance of staying physically safe in Ohio as a rabbi in a yarmulke walking past the Gaza City Mosque after Friday prayers. And they will recommend accordingly.)

And I would be remiss if I didn’t praise the patient and thoughtful work done by Judge Daniel Dawson, who allowed all parties and their attorneys to make their points without any rush, and whose ruling that, yes, his Court DOES have jurisdiction over Rifqa’s case, was as clearly supported by the law as it was devastating to the jihadis’ plan to murder her.

Great work, Judge!

There were about 100 supporters of Rifqa there to provide moral support, including the great Tom Trento, from the Florida Security Council, and Usama Dakdok, a Christian evangelist from an Egyptian Coptic background. Both of them provided excellent and informative press conferences in front of the Courthouse, before the hearing.

Dependency Court proceedings are open to the public, but not the information in the files, so these hearings offer us a chance to gain some information on the case. Here are some of my factual observations/inferences:

1) Rifqa’s attorneys told Judge Dawson that her current foster-family (recall that she was removed from the Lorenzes a few weeks ago) would like to home-school her rather than enroll her in public school, and “they home-school their own children.” This is a very good sign that Rifqa is placed with a Christian family, in an environment she finds 100% welcoming. Her attorneys also asserted that Rifqa is “extremely happy with her foster-family.”

2) The DCF announced that the FDLE had only decided TODAY (8/21) to open an investigation into the case. Reading between the lines, this was a clear indicator that nothing but citizen activism directed toward Governor Charlie Crist and the DCF got Florida law enforcement (as opposed to the clueless, if not compromised, Ohioans) brought into the picture. Those thousands of calls, faxes and e-mails got results!

3) Rifka’s attorneys announced right off the bat that she wished to make a statement to the Court. Counsel for both parents leaped to object…WHY? Were they afraid of what they, and the public, were going to hear from her? Suffice it to say that Judge Dawson re-iterated “my policy” of allowing ANY party to make a statement to the Court, so long as it was done after review with counsel, and allowed Rifka to make her statement. In it, she emphasized her Christian faith, and chillingly, how much she both loves her family yet “fears for my life.”

4) In discussion with the Judge about visitation, Rifka’s attorney’s revealed that she DOES wish to have visitation with her brothers…but NOT with her parents. Hmmmm…

5) Both the DCF and the Guardian Ad Litem Attorney, Ms. Bartholemew, repeatedly mentioned their concerns for Rifqa’s safety. It appears that the critical “credibility battle” between those who deny any real danger from Islamist assassins and those who affirm it has been decisively won. The State and its institutions have recognized that we are not kooks.

Of course, this is one small battle in an 11-month war (until Rifqa turns 18). But it was an absolutely critical battle, one which would have been literally fatal had it gone the other way. The Noor Mosque and CAIR and the ISNA and the FIQH Council and all their filthy shariah-drunk subversive allies really took one on the chin tonight, so let’s all lift a glass for a few more weeks of safety for Rifqa, and pray that the One True God continues to keep and protect her.




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Photos from the Courthouse:

A Lovely Human Rights Supporter Outside the Courtroom

Tom Trento addresses the press.

Usama Dakdok educates the media about shariah.

The crowd outside the courtrooms--an overflow courtroom still wasn't enough.

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