Sunday, April 18, 2010


In one of the greatest movies ever made, Alec Guinness plays the absolutely proud, and absolutely stoic World War II Colonel Nicholson. Nicholson, a Brit, leads his surrendered regiment in discipline and misery into a hellish Japanese POW camp, set on the River Kwai in the deepest jungles of Thailand. Freshly arrived in camp, Col. Nicholson provokes the wrath of the, uhhhh, inflexible Japanese commander, Colonel Saito, by insisting on formal adherence to the Geneva Convention on POWs. Nicholson is beaten, starved, and baked in a tiger cage until Col. Saito relents, but only in order to ensure a critical work quota from the prisoners, so the great railway line can be built across the River Kwai, and thus help the Japs to win the war.

Accordingly, Nicholson becomes a taskmaster on behalf of the construction, even reproaching his men when they try to shirk, and acquiring a sense of pride in this Japanese military project. Unbeknownst to him, the Brits prepare a commando mission to blow up the bridge. As the commando mission strikes, Nicholson's pride leads him to defend the bridge, until...until... until 1:19 of this clip:

He whispers: "What have I done?"


I wonder how Democrats, especially Jewish Democrats, can watch this scene in recent days. What took Col. Nicholson 156 minutes on screen to realize...they're still clueless about, after more than 40 years. More than 40 years of apologizing for fascists despots like Ho, Castro, and Arafat. More than 40 years of suppressing history they don't like. More than 40 years of twisting news reports to damage the forces of freedom and democracy and help the forces of revolutionary totalitarianism. More than 40 years of demonizing productive inventors, employers and investors, and glamorizing sloth, extortion, and mendacious whining. More than 40 years of ridiculing a millenia-proven concept known as "normal marriage," and pathetic experimentation and boosterism of every perverted notion that rejects it.

And now, in the latest and most unbelievable chapter, a solid 20 years of coddling and patronizing of the most regressive force unleashed on the globe in 500 years, jihadism. Apparently feminist women only feel free to roar when oppressive males pay them 15% less per hour, not when they execute them for getting pregnant outside of marriage, or throw acid in their faces for walking in the street without a male escort.

And then there's the strange consistency of so many of Pres. Obama's friends, which has never incurred any complaint a thousandth the magnitude of, sayyyyy, Sen. Lott's birthday comments to Strom Thurmond. Consider such characters as Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomsky, Ray Hananiah, William Ayres, Samantha Power and Robert Malley --they're all just filthy little peas in the same crowded Jooooooo-hating pod. And all of this is pointing to the grand blood sacrifice that they secretly yearn for: the conquest of Israel, and the return of the Jews to their proper place of dhimmitude.

Is this really where "liberals" and "progressives" intended to end up as they directed their fearsome energies over the past 40 years? Serving as willing accomplices to a pre-medieval despotism in its efforts to mass-murder peaceful Jews? Yet that is where they are. And in their shriveled, perverted heart-of-hearts, they still know it. They ALWAYS know. Conservatives often give them the benefit of the doubt on their "good intentions," when it is never justified. They know.

Is the Iranian missile program moving any slower than the Japanese locomotive toward the bridge? Is the military plan of Israel any less desperately essential than the Brits' plan to blow up the bridge? Are Ahmadinejad and his swinish allies any less demonic than Col. Saito and his guards?

But my friends, you better believe the new Colonel Nicholsons will never awaken from their moral coma in time. Not until thousands of civilians are vaporized. And even then, they won't feel any remorse, unless those vaporizations occur east of Iraq.

Then, just watch the earth shake under their marching, protesting feet.


Anonymous said...

hen can we start vaporising the yids?

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thanks for your thoughtful input, Mahmoud.

Anonymous said...

In the film, Nicholson was also dying as he finally, inadvertently, did the right thing and fell on the plunger which detonated that bridge. Yes, he knew what he had done, though no, he did not throw himself on that detonator: fate kindly intervened on his downward trajectory.

Democrats have placed themselves on their own downward trajectory. They listened to a pro-muslim poseur who (like Nicholson) stood up for the wrong cause. They listened to an enemy of Israel and an enemy to individual freedom in the Middle East.

Barack Hussein Obama is the best friend that dhimmitude ever had.