Saturday, July 3, 2010


How lame and pathetic are we to invite these lizard-eating Arabian savages to invade and overrun our noble civilization and culture. BTW, these lizards are utterly harmless, inoffensive herbivorous mastigures (genus Uromastyx).

Yes, let’s import more of these saurophageous primitives into Holland, and throw Geert Wilders in jail for hurting their feelings (he's on trial this week for thought-crime).

By all means.


[Flashback to 2008, as Arabs cut the throat of a rare giant sea turtle while kids watch]


Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear J Odysseus, please report this facebook page "kill a jew day" opened today.!/event.php?eid=134881219874559&ref=mf

GM Roper said...

What a repulsive society they are. Not for their dietary indulgences, but for their so damn blatant anti-Semitic behaviors that they stoop to teach their children.

Jewish Odysseus said...

GM, you are absolutely correct, but it seems as if most of the world either doesn't give a goddam about their anti-Semitism, or actually supports it.

Same with...HONOR-KILLING...OPPRESSING WOMEN...SUPPRESSING FREE SPEECH BY MEANS OF ARSON AND MURDER...SLAVERY...Good grief, you know we cd go on for hours reviewing the painfully obvious atrocious features of this culture/religion.

Who knows, maybe this will catch the attention of our progressive brethren, who've fronted for the Islamic barbarians for the past ~40 years.

EDL English Defence League - Jewish Division said...

What a disgraceful bunch of savages!! I am absolutely shocked with this!!
I could not even watch the second video of them shooting these poor animals. And when we try to complain about this society we are accused of "Islamophobia" and of "hurting their feelings"!
I am so angry now!!We should expose their evil to the rest of the world!!

in the vanguard said...

The last 2 of the 3 clips didn't play.

I also watched the flashback clip, how they kill a giant turtle.

These people live a culture of lust, death, blood and torture. It's their very essence.

I invite you to read my post, to give you what I think is a Torah view of Yishmael, here:

and here:

I think I'll consolidate both and repost these again as a new post.