Saturday, August 7, 2010


I swear, I must have heard for 20 years how "modern" and "progressive" and "well-educated" and oh-so-ready-for-statehood the Balesdinian Arabs are...Now they've taken their Israeli-constructed turnkey society in Gaza, and made it into a by-God duplicate of one of the great scenes of one of the great movies ever made. First, the news story from Arutz Sheva:

No Lights in Gaza; Fatah and Hamas Trade Blame
Av 27, 5770, 07 August 10 10:00
by Hillel Fendel

( Gaza's power station is down once again, and once again, Fatah and Hamas trade accusations.

It seems to be a semi-monthly occurrence. It happened in April, then again in June, and now once more: Gaza's only power station, providing a third of the area's electricity to two-thirds of its residents, stopped its generators on Saturday. As in the past, the stoppage is due to a dispute between Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs Gaza, and Fatah, which runs the Judea-Samaria part of the Palestinian Authority.

Now, just click on the embed above to see what I mean! (I've thoughtfully provided the key dialogue, from 0:52 50 2:35:):

Anthony Quinn: He insulted me.

Peter O’Toole: Sherif Ali said that the telephones are in the care of the Howeitat, and they have ceased to work. And this is true, Auda.

Quinn: They will not work because they are given no electricity. The electricity is in the care of the Harith.

O’Toole: If you answer, there will be bloodshed.

Omar Sharif: You speak to me of bloodshed?...I ask pardon of Auda Abu Tayi.

Quinn: Humbly? Humbly, Harith?

Sharif: Yes, humbly.

Quinn: This is a new trick.

O’Toole: Why is there no electricity?

Metrosexual sheikh: I have been to that electrical house, Lawrence. There are three large machines.

Memebr of audience: He means generators!

Metro. Sheikh: So. One of them is burning. They are of an incredible size, but helpless.

Koranic scholar: It is so of all machines.

Other sheikh: Let them burn. What need of telephones?

O’Toole: The need is absolute.

Sharif: Then we need the English engineers.

O’Toole: No. Take English engineers and you take English government. Take...

Desperate reporter: Fire has broken out.

O’Toole: Where?

Reporter: The Jinsibi district.

Member of audience: It is not a district that matters.

O’Toole: It will spread!

Member of Audience: Then in God’s name use the fire brigade!

Ruala sheikh: We have tried, Orence, but there is no force in the water.

O’Toole: Then you must carry it.

R. sheikh: The Ruala do not carry water.

Quinn: What else are they good for?

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