Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, Pastor Jones fumbled the ball at the 1-yard line, but the man with a koran plan opened a lot of eyes to this bizarre reality we live in 2010: Americans in America are actually worried about bruising the sensibilities of the most primitive and violent people on earth, thousands of miles away, if we exercise our free speech rights in the good old US of A. And the President and Secretaries of State and Defense ENCOURAGE THEM to be worried. Huh?!

Certainly blowing the shofar at the Kotel (the Western Wall of King Solomon's Temple) is not the same as burning a koran, but the underlying principle of this fabulous story is the same: Muslim imperialists pretend that the activities of non-Muslims are an affront to their faith; they threaten uncontrollable violence if thus affronted; and "responsible" (cowardly) authorities indulge the Muslim threats by repressing the "offensive" behavior.

Well, as we can see, in Jerusalem from 1930 to 1947, they didn't back down. And look at the results! Look at the faces of these old men, as they recount how, as youths, they REJECTED FEAR AND DHIMMITUDE. Do the decades not fall from their faces as they go into the beautiful details? And we all know that, by 1967, no-one could ever prevent the Jews from blowing the shofar at the Kotel again:

If we had a little of the same vision and determination here in America (and Europe), we might indeed see churches and synagogues being built in Mecca and Medina in a few decades, in fraternal proximity to the mosques. Persistent, forceful and friendly persuasion would surely open the minds and hearts of Muslims to see that these 14 centuries of imperialism and aggression need to be definitively canceled.


Juniper in the Desert said...

So Beautiful! Thank You!!

trencherbone said...

Sick of dhimmitude? Then try some HARBITUDE - for enemies of Islam with attitude!

Quite Rightly said...
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Quite Rightly said...

Great post! Linked at Bread upon the Waters.

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