Monday, April 11, 2011

"This action, which crosses all red lines..."--Major Adraee returns!

Does this man look or sound like he's kidding?

Are you feeling a little down, bunkie? The Obamunist blues got you down? Sick of the whole world bending over and grabbing their ankles when a gang of Islamic cutthroats waves a few cheap missiles in their general direction?

Well, we here at this blog are happy to provide a little spiritual chicken soup from Grandma, in the form of this action-packed video, replete with direct hit footage, from the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF has even brought back our old favorite, Major Adraee, to speak to Hamas both in the language they understand and in the vocabulary they understand.

Maj. Adraee, of course, was last seen laying down the law to Hamas back in Jan. 2009 (he was a captain back then), right about the time some 1,000 Hamas cadres were mysteriously incinerated. Or maybe not so mysteriously. In any event, Maj. Adraee has been a favorite here ever since. (See here and here.)

It's funny, the day the Arab League is crying to the UN to enforce a "no-fly zone" over Gaza, the IDF airs this video based on its flights over Gaza, talk about flipping them the bird!

Could it be that the Fakestinian provocations have become so despicable and overt that they have awakened even Bibi and Ehud from their comas? The IDF doesn't usually make a broadcast like this, check that, NEVER MAKES A BROADCAST LIKE THIS unless it is a part of a major strategic operation.

Especially when the IDF highlights that the Arabs have just "crossed all red lines." That is a clear and obvious code in this conflict.


john in cheshire said...

The arabs need a Hiroshima/Nagasaki moment in their lives, in order to clarity their minds.

Jewish Odysseus said...

John, before we consider such violence, I say let's try the spiritual approach: eject the Waqf and their Mosque from Jerusalem's Temple Mount (Har HaBayit), and rebuild the Holy Temple.

I believe the effect it will have on the psyches of many millions of demon-blinded Muslims will be profound, and positive. And that clarification will enable them to do the final, necessary purging of the unenlightened followers of their belief-system.

It will be far more effective, inexpensive, and targeted than the nuclear option. Why not try it first?