Friday, March 23, 2012


So there I was a little while ago, when my little boy started enthusiastically babbling something crazy. He’s been slow in verbal development, but he’s become sooooo much more coherent that we can now basically understand him. He’d been babbling for years, but we cdn’t understand most of what he said. Now it seems he’s making up for lost time, but he still has some problems with vocabulary, grammar, and some concepts.

Well, he started telling me about some singing skeletons, and a horse with a guitar, and a bad guy with blue eyes, and the horses dancing, and a train, and the horse blew up the train…and I thought, “What kind of dreams has this kid been having?!” I knew he loves cartoons, but I never heard of any cartoon like that.

So today he calls me into the living room, “Dad, dad, come see it!” Oh, my God--this was it:

I’ll never doubt him again.

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