Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This time it's an idealistic Norwegian socialist lad who steals the Israeli flag (private property by the way, stolen by an unmasked person on video, you think anyone will be charged?) on the peaceful shining happy streets of Stavanger. Happy May Day, komrades!!  Jeez, if they're not careful about enforcing law and order in the land of the fjords, who knows, some knucklehead with a gun might just run wild and kill a bunch of people, while risking no more than 22 years in prison...

BTW, a BIG hats-off to the Norwegian FpU, who bravely dared to fly the Israeli flag inside that benighted land so poisoned by Jooooo-hatred. Acc. to the great GatesofVienna: The FpU (Fremskrittspartiets Ungdom) is the youth wing of the Norwegian FrP (Fremskrittspartiet, “The Progress Party”), which promotes free-market policies and criticizes mass immigration. Is anyone surprised that the FrP has been severely scapegoated in Norway ever since the massacre last summer?

H/T to GoV for this story, and all the outstanding work they do out of what is rapidly becoming the [morally] Dark Continent.

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Anonymous said...

I know the kid who did this, and I'm pretty sure he just wanted a Jewish flag, and to pull a prank.
Not a hate thing, just a dumb stoner kid thing.

Just saying. Not everthing like this equals j00 hatred. There's enough of that around without digging for conspiracy.