Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Take on the Heroic Michele Bachmann

I was surprised to see the brilliant writer "Spengler"/David Goldman, criticize Rep. Michele Bachmann at his PJM site.  FWIW, I addressed the following response to him:

Mr. Goldman, with all due respect, I fear you are being a little harsh on Rep. Bachmann & her 4 House colleagues.  Their letter was sent June 13, a few days before the Egyptian elections in which the Muslim Brotherhood was expected to win.  Huma's inchoate connections to the MB wd clearly be more critical by degrees of magnitude if Morsi became President of one of the most influential Arab states.  If the MB was still hounded & officially powerless, as they were until 20 months ago, there wd be less urgency to this situation.  But there we are.

Bachmann & Co. (BTW, Rep. Gohmert was a long-time jurist) have a solemn responsibility, which they have discharged to the best of their abilities.  We may quibble about the political fine-tuning and timing, but there can be no doubt they did what they had to do.  You suggested they "wait until they have a smoking gun before they call for an investigation."  Did you really mean that?

The real fault lies with the increasingly--yes even MORE so--erratic Sen McCain and his acolytes, and those afraid to offend the explosive 75-year-old.  Had they shown the same seriousness and responsibility as Bachmann & Co., and seconded the call for the investigation, there wd have been no controversy.  Those clueless turncoats created this problem--it has been observed that John McCain has shown a political obsession over the years, NOT to actually become President, but to effectively PREVENT ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN from becoming President.  If he had not turned his self-sabotaging efforts against Bachmann & Co., rest assured it wd be something else.  But the institutional GOP has revealed itself to be frightfully weak/naive/unserious about national security, as has been decisively proven by Mr Andrew McCarthy, and others.

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