Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Life perverts art.

Samuel L. Jackson starred in a 2000 movie, "Rules of Engagement."  In it, he played Marine Col. Terry Childers, who was accused of ordering a massacre of civilians who were guilty of nothing more than demonstrating outside a US Embassy in some Muslim hellhole.  Col. Childers was defended by Tommy Lee Jones in his court-martial for warcrimes.

Well, it turns out that those peaceful civilian demonstrators actually had been willing fronts for a platoon of heavily armed terrorists, who ferociously fired their heavy weapons at the Embassy from their midst BEFORE Col. Childers gave the order to return fire...And for political reasons, the US government was COVERING UP the existence of the terrorists (even burned a key piece of videotape evidence), and leaving Col. Childers to twist in the wind...

Cut to 2012:  Today, the Obama regime isn't DENYING the existence of a civilian demonstration in Libya...IT IS FABRICATING ONE, for the sole reason to provide a lame excuse for its lack of defensive preparedness.  Too bad there wasn't a "trigger-happy" Col. Childers there in Benghazi, maybe those victims of the terror attack would be alive today...

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