Saturday, November 18, 2006


Are Jews smart, or stupid?

Let's ask the question differently: How many Jews need to be slaughtered before we learn that murderous, heavily armed enemies need to be relentlessly smashed unless and until they give up their will to kill us?

The obvious answer, as of today is: "Not sure, BUT SIX MILLION WASN'T ENOUGH." Think of it: SIX MILLION WASN'T ENOUGH!!

The most recognized corporate representative of the Jewish people is the State of Israel. It is currently lead by a government that has lurched from one self-inflicted debacle to another, and a Prime Minister (Ehud the Manchurian Candidate Olmert) who was elected mere months after telling his people: Israelis are "TIRED OF WINNING."

NOT tired of getting rocketed every day and going to funerals for children shot under their beds by Arab terrorists and getting maligned and defamed by the European children of parents who built the death camps...No, "TIRED OF WINNING."

And he won IN A LANDSLIDE.

OK, now go back and read the first sentence of this post. Does it still sound silly?

Homer's Odysseus never tired of winning. But, of course: in the ancient world, what was the alternative? But is the modern world really any different, especially for the Jews? Didn't the wisest Jewish King of them all tell us: "There is nothing new under the sun."

The Jews really have a problem. Charles Darwin would have spotted it in a second. But it is nothing a little study and learning from the lessons of one great pagan cannot cure.

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