Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I had to pick out this absolute gem from Mr. Haddad's essay: very seldom has so much wisdom been expressed so inarguably and so memorably in so few words:
"What was forgotten was that Islamism - this theocratic, fundamentally totalitarian, and clearly antisemitic ideology - ... is doctrinally inalterable. Following the most unexpected geopolitical paths, giving in to the demands of realpolitik, Islamism can demonstrate a great degree of pragmatism in its relations with Western powers. Nonetheless, it will not renounce its strategic objectives: in domestic policy, an obsolete shari'a on all of its subjects; and in foreign policy, hegemonic expansion, international proselytizing, and the eradication of 'the Zionist tumor.' Semantic changes within ideological continuity - that is the essence of Islamist Machiavellianism..."


I used to be the Coldest of The Cold Warriors. In those days we were educated as to the Soviets' concept of "expansion and co-existence." Basically, it meant: when the West was weak/inattentive, the USSR expanded; when the West was strong and alert, the USSR strove to "co-exist" with the West, which simpy meant CONSOLIDATING THAT EXPANSION.

We're seeing the same thing today with Islamism.

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