Friday, December 1, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is NOT a "Conservative."

Put aside your ideology or philosophy.

Put aside the political discussions you hear on his radio show.

What is Rush Limbaugh's driving force? A great, simple idea that not too long ago was overwhelmingly accepted in the American Consensus. An idea perhaps best exemplified by the work of a prodigiously successful author, lecturer, and clergyman, who popularized it world-wide:

THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. (by the late great Norman Vincent Peale).

Nothing more, nothing less.

How strange that this idea, which once inspired all successful Americans, and those who aspired to success (i.e., practically all of us), has now been demeaned and mocked and denigrated to the point that its most visible and vocal public advocate is written off as a hate-filled radical.

Rush does not advocate positive thinking because he is a conservative. Rush has turned to conservatism because he is a positive thinker. And modern liberalism has relentlessly assaulted and demoralized all true positive thinkers, with just a few highly baroque exceptions.

A new movie has come out, "The Pursuit of Happiness," about a homeless single Dad who turned his life around to become a millionaire businessman. Pretty unambiguous positive-thinking, "anything is possible in America" story, no?


No, the liberal message factory puts a whole new spin on this story:

1--Since the Dad was black, it shows how white businessmen repress worthy black employees by refusing to employ them--"how cd such a self-evidently worthy man have been homeless unless it was thru racism?"

2--The success of this homeless man proves that our "system" (capitalism) fails to provide for the true worth of its citizens--if it wasn't for getting the right ticket in life's lottery, that Merill Lynch chairman could have turned out to be a panhandler with a crackpipe in his pocket. So why is one rewarded so well, while the other needs to sleep under a bridge?

There, NOW how do you feel about the Christopher Gardner story? Still inspired? Or even angrier at Amerika than you were before?

The problem the Left has is that humans instinctively rebel against despair and hopelessness. Not only is positive-thinking empirically effective, it is emotionally satisfying.

Which is why a self-made positive thinker like Rush Limbaugh has 20 million listeners, while a relentlessly hyped and boosted "AirAmerica" goes straight down the tubes after years of pathetic ratings.

"It was the NEGATIVE THINKING, stupid!"


superstar said...

life just good

Nobody's Favorite said...

He is a positive thinker and can beat those liberals with half his brain tied behind his back, lol.

Too bad Air America couldn't get off the ground. I love a good argument.

We still have Pacifica Radio though; bad stuff that!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Juanita, am I wrong, or is this the way about 80% of adult Americans used to think? Make the most of your opportunities, don't give up, have confidence, etc.--YOU DIDN'T NEED A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT WAY.

I guess the simplest way to put it is: Rush is a classical Real American, and those who oppose him are ANTI-Americans. The end.

"Superstar" that is a verrrrrrry interesting avatar you got there. Quite a piece of hoss-flesh!! Does she eat crackers in bed...Hell, even if she does, WHO CARES??!!

Nobody's Favorite said...

I like Rush. A bit pompous and sometimes vulgar I must admit. I hated the way he picked on Michael J Fox because of a difference of opinion regarding stemcell research. I loved him in Back to The Future. Fox, that is. But he is a modern day success story, much like Shaun (sp?) Hannity, whose patriotism sometimes borders on the maudlin, but he also is certainly, as his callers say, "a great American", as well. Mega Dittos, lol

MR said...

great post--thanks...don't know if you've seen this video of Ann Coulter, but it's pretty classic:

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thanks, Rip, I'v never been a big Coulter fan. She is a marketing genius and definitely has some guts and a knack for turning a phrase, but her emotions sometimes outstrip her knowledge base.

She's still way ahead of O'Reilly, who is frankly embarassing and a fraud.