Friday, January 5, 2007

The Good Old Days, when a "Show Trial" was REALLY A SHOW TRIAL!!

Some observers who really should know better are condemning the Iraqi government or the US for conducting "a show trial" of Saddam Hussein. What a load of hooey.

The essence of the REAL show trial is that the machinery of the prosecution is relentlessly directed to obtain a result wherein THE DEFENDANT CONFESSES AND APOLOGIZES FOR HIS CRIMES, AND EFFECTIVELY BEGS FOR HIS OWN PUNISHMENT.

Submitted for your approval--some proceedings from A REAL SHOW TRIAL. The show was produced and directed by the famous maestro, Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvilli, and it was dubbed, "THE CASE OF THE TROTSKYITE-ZINOVIEVITE TERRORIST CENTRE," as staged before "the MILITARY COLLEGIUM OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE U.S.S.R., Moscow, August 19-24, 1936," and the whole spooky thing can be found at:

Notice the lack of complaints from the Defendant about rude guards, insufficient time with his defense counsel, lukewarm mint, it appears the Defendants had only one devout wish: "FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF COMRADE STALIN, SHOOT ME NOW!!":

Vyshinsky: What appraisal should be given of the articles and statements you wrote in 1933, in which you expressed loyalty to the Party? Deception?

Kamenev: No, worse than deception.

Vyshinsky: Perfidy?

Kamenev: Worse.

Vyshinsky: Worse than deception, worse than perfidy - find the word. Treason?

Kamenev: You have found it.

Vyshinsky: Accused Zinoviev, do you confirm this?

Zinoviev: Yes.

Vyshinsky: Treason, perfidy, double-dealing?

Zinoviev: Yes.

Proceeding to explain the motives of his conduct, the accused Kamenev declares:

"I can admit only one thing: that having set ourselves the monstrously criminal aim of disorganizing the government of the land of socialism, we resorted to methods of struggle which in our opinion suited this aim and which are as low and as vile as the aim which we set before ourselves."

in the further process of the examination the accused Kamenev still more clearly and definitely speaks of that which guided the Zinovievites in their activities.

Vyshinsky: Consequently, your struggle against the leaders of the Party and the government was guided by motives of a personal base character - by the thirst for personal power?

Kamenev: Yes, by the thirst for power of our group.

Vyshinsky: Don't you think that this has nothing in common with social ideals?

Kamenev: It has as much in common as revolution has with counter-revolution.

Vyshinsky: That is, you are on the side of counter-revolution?

Kamenev: Yes.

Vyshinsky: Consequently, you clearly perceive that you are flighting against socialism?

Kamenev: We clearly perseive that we are fighting against the leaders of the Party and of the government who are leading the country to socialism.

Vyshinsky: Thereby you are fighting socialism as well, aren't you?

Kamenev: You are drawing the conclusion of an historian and prosecutor.

Now THAT'S a show trial.

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