Friday, February 16, 2007


As I sit here in central Florida, less than 2 weeks from March, trying to keep warm by the fire, looking forward to a morning in the 30's, airports snowed in all across Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma, I keep hearing about the Global Warming Fraud (GWF). A few nights ago I watched ABC's Charlie Gibson solemnly report on this fraud, uhhhhhh, STORY...and the funny thing is, he was standing outdoors, bundled up in a heavy winter coat, sweater vest, AND he lectured the nation on the seriousness of the GLOBAL WARMING that is confronting us.

How he did it w/a straight face, I'll never know.

Very few people ever point out that the GWF industry is based on a total perversion of "the scientific method..." You know, the concept that has allowed us to create these amazing machines we're comunicating on right now, heart transplants, place men on the moon and satellites in orbit,and an endless cornucopia of scientific creations.

Science is supposed to proceed from data, right? So let's just review the basic data of the climate on this earth:

1--Planet is ~4 billion years old

2--Life has existed ~ 1 billion years.

3--Land-dwelling life has existed here ~400 million years.

4--Mammals have existed for ~200 million years

5--Extremely large vertebrate land animals existed continuously for ~200 million years (both dinosaurs and mammals). During this entire period, the earth was MUCH warmer than it is today, and the warmer areas had a greater diversity and density of life forms.

6--Human-type creatures have existed for ~2 million years.

7--Recognizable social humans have existed for ~50,000 years.

8--Human history has been tracked for ~8,000 years

9--Human writing has existed for ~6,000 years

10--Human recorded scientific observation of the globe has existed for ~100 years.

Folks, given this data, here is the key question: when these idiots claim the world is getting "warmer," I ask: WARMER THAN WHEN?



I imagine these frauds, uhhhhh, "scientists" would feel justified in watching a 90-year-old man taking a 2-second sip of a beer with a pizza, and thereby predicting that the man would die of acute alcohol poisoning in about 24 hours, SINCE THAT SIP OBVIOUSLY WOULD CONTINUE WITHOUT LETUP UNTIL THE ALCOHOL KILLED THE OLD CODGER.


Of, course, I'm a little confused, because when I was in school these same brilliant scientists told us that the world was getting much COLDER. That New England was going to be covered by glaciers AGAIN.

We know that a single volcanic eruption can have a substantial effect on the earth's weather, right? So tell me: how many volcanoes are going to erupt next year? The year after that?



Anonymous said...

Excellent! Those of us who don't believe in the "Global Warming" Hoax grow stronger and stronger everyday and our numbers are growing.
There is a great number of Physics Professors and Doctors and Biologists here in Finland, maybe all, who have over the last weeks been describing to the public what a load of crap the whole "Global Warming" - concept is and still some prefer to believe in The Green Party's liars rather than people who work with issues like this one.
One of the Professors asked in a debate article last week what we would do here in Finland if the -45°C cold winds from Siberia wouldn't warm up to about -15°C when they reach us during the Wintertime. One could just wonder...
One of the most ridiculous parts in the whole story is that the female Green Party leader here in Finland is apparently driving around with the biggest possible SUV you can find - quite similar to Al Gore who is flying around with a private jet. The "Global Warming" supporters' message is very clearly: Do as I say, not as I do!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thank you, my Arctic brother! Yes, here in the US, Gore is the Holy Trinity of our "Greens," and a sickening fraud he is. Did you hear about the mining company his familiy owned for years in Tennessee?

Today it came out that his "carbon offsets" that he suuposedly used to "cleanse" his family's enormous energy use...were purchased FROM HIS OWN COMPANY! ANOTHER TOTAL FRAUD!!

BTW, have you ever heard of Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, of Sweden? That guy single-handedly demolished the entire argument of the "global warming" industry a couple years back...A true scientist! WE NEED A HUNDRED MORE LIKE HIM!!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore has, for a long time, been seen as some sort of Saint among those who believe in the Global Warming Hoax here in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany - I don't follow up so much on Danish environmentalist politics as I would like so I don't know their opinions - but all the Professors and Biologists who have participated in the public debate regard him as the biggest Clown of the whole environmentalist movement.
The most frightening thing is that the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, here in Northern Europe, are in an extremely bad state with poisonous algae blooming every summer for the last 5 years which is a completely new phenomenon. This is of course due to the high amounts of toxic chemicals and fertilizers that have been dumped in the Sea. These algae are so poisonous that they have killed people's dogs after they have swum in the sea (imagine if that would have been people) and last year did we even get these algae in the Deep Water Basin from where we get our household water so people were recommended to use as little of it as possible and absolutely not drink it.
Well, this is, as you may imagine, to me the biggest environmental threat that we face here in Finland but now the whole project for the cleaning up of the extremely dirty Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia has ended up in the shadow of the Global Warming Hoax.
Billions of euros will no doubt be spent on this artificial Global Warming threat while we, here in Northern Europe and the Baltic States most probably won't be able to drink nor use our household water the next summer either.

I hadn't actually heard of Dr. Bjorn Lomborg (he's apparently a Dane)until you mentioned him, but thank you very much! I will look him up and with interest read what he has to say about the GWH.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thanks for the correction, my fine Finnish friend, yes, Dr. Lomborg is a great Dane.

The heart of his thesis is that, by focusing on the Global Warming Fraud, we are missing opportunities to actually use our limited funds productively to help our environment, and our fellow humans much more effectively--therefore condemning millions to die miserable, easily-avoidable deaths. Your example of the truly serious problems in your part of the world is a perfect example of a solvable problem that will be ignored!

I have recently done some research on the incredible effects of VOLCANIC ACTIVITY on the world's climate--it absolutely dwarfs everything all the humans on earth have done in history. I will post some good info on this shortly.

Oh, it's March 5, and we are getting into the 40's F tonight here in central Florida.

Anonymous said...

He absolutely is, my Jewish-American friend.
I remember having seen a documentary, some years ago, on the effects that the volcanic eruptions have had on the climate in the past. This documentary was made before the GWF became a big issue but I very clearly remember the great impacts that a single volcanic eruption might have on the climate. We humans don't, as you pointed out, come even close to releasing such amounts of poisonous gases and other substances into the atmosphere and nature does seem to take care of these substances quite well over some period of time.
But one has to remember that if we listened to the Greens in every political aspect then we would have to rely more and more on Russia and sell out our own independence, safety and well-being to the Putin-Kreml-regime.

Oh, and we have 2°C/36F here in Finland today - the warmest winter in 15 years - but last winter was, on the other hand, the coldest one in 30 years so I don't really feel that worried.

Jewish Odysseus said...

"But one has to remember that if we listened to the Greens in every political aspect then we would have to rely more and more on Russia and sell out our own independence, safety and well-being to the Putin-Kreml-regime."

A lot of us have recognized that as formal "Marxism" was more and more discredited (good ol' Boris Yeltsin finished them off in the streets of Moscow in 1993, haahaaaa), they have taken to migrating into the Enviro/Green/Climate movements.

Since "Marxism" (and Nazism, too) failed at destroying our "filthy bourgeois decadent" free liberal society that brought humanity more progress in 200 years than it had in the previous 6,000, these dirty weasels have tried to use the Green movements as the weapon to cripple us.

And notice how the modern Euro-Left has so little conflict with Islamofascism? Because they see those atavistic jihadi barbarians as useful shock-troops in the destruction of our civilization.

Nothing is too bad to happen to these people.

Anonymous said...

I have since the War on Terror begun wondered how these Leftists can "bend over" to Islamofascist terrorists - thinking of that on a scale that puts socialists to the Left and Conservatives to the right makes the Ultra-conservative Islamofascists something of the most Far-Right something can be and still are the Leftists not standing up against their ideological enemies - or is this, as you said, because they consider the traditional liberal, free society that we have today as something worse than Ultra-conservatism?
I am one of those who believe that the Islamic society will reform just as the Christian society did but if we're soft on them and don't dare to confront them with our own modern liberal values then it will take hundreds of years before we might see progress.