Thursday, July 12, 2007


Remember the "Triangle of Death," where the bulk of US casualties in Iraq used to come from? Especially ANBAR Province? Well, seems like the Triangle of Death has turned into "AlQaeda's Tomb," as the local tribes have steadily joined the US effort and turned to routing BinLaden's degenerate children. AQ's little campaign of chlorine-gas bombs in the crowded streets of Anbar towns seems to have been the last straw, and it had THE OPPOSITE of the intended effect...

Hence the current ROUT, in the face of Operation Phantom Thunder...and the dancing. Suck on that, Osama and Ayman, and all you music-hating Islamist freaks! SUCK ON THIS!!

No word as to whether Field Marshall Reid and the other military geniuses in the US Senate have recorded THIS as a "benchmark" for victory...Don't hold your breath.

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