Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Where are the assassins when you need them?

Whatta filthy trio of freakin pigs. WTF is the matter with the voters of Nevada, New York, and Illinois? Are they drugging the water or something?


Nancy Coppock said...


First thanks for your vote of support through Yaacov's post of my encounter with the Beast @

What a great picture of the nasty trio. Apart from heading to a campus bell tower to quickly release our dear brothers and sisters held prisoner by these worthless power mad arch villians. We must not forget those held hostage by the Wagnerian Ted Kennedy or the Leni Riefenstahl trio of Boxer,Feinstein, and Clinton. Many individuals are sorely oppressed in these dark camps of America. We must liberate them!
I believe this election is about the war on freedom of the individual from collectivist on the home front to the Fascist Caliphate throughout the world. Individuals acting together smoked the Capital Hill phone lines recently. Individuals united against collectivism and fascism through terror can win. Lift up those oppressed souls. Encourage your friends and relatives that they can make a difference. Liberty says it is time to storm the Capital. Smoke 'em out with some raucous rock'n'roll! Fight the Power!!

Anonymous said...

Or Satan's version of Larry, Moe and Curly. If you tried real hard, you might be able to imagine a world without that Den of vipers. I doubt you can find a single shred of moral fiber amongst those shysters.