Saturday, December 22, 2007


Quite easy to deduce right now--notice how these Baghdadi kids are FREELY SHOWING THEIR FACES as they man checkpoints, denounce AQ on TV, etc. This is new...AQ has obviously lost that bone-chilling primal terror amongst civilians that they have so carefully cultivated for years.

And terrorists, without terror, are just violent nuisances. Let the plague-rat drownings proceed...

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Anonymous said...

Saw this 2 nights ago on CNN.

It is wonderful to see, and inspiring.

To bad most of our kids today don't have the backbone for this sort of thing.

If we cowardly pull back our support for these people, we would have failed these very people right here. SO burn those images in your head and when you are voting, vote informed!

Damn, I'm not even American, but jeezus, Canadaian's screwed it up for 13 years, and now we risk losing our freedom of speech. I should be saying support Mark Steyn, but Im telling you yanks to vote and vote informed!

This is exactly why WE went in folks, not oil or any other hyped about reason.

There are many results like this, over there, and hats off to people like you who don't let the media bury it.

Merry Christmas.