Sunday, December 2, 2007


I recently noticed some notorious Jooooo-haters on the Net spreading an apparently accurate, but very inflammatory story: that religious Jews in Jerusalem have been spitting in the faces of inoffensive Christian clergy as a gesture of contempt and insult. The story is being spread as a "news" article from Israel's notoriously anti-religious Haaretz newspaper.

At least 2 supposedly "repectable" blogs have published this "news" story, including:

These blogs, and any other sites not devoted to Jooooo-hating, would be well-advised to carefully check their "news" sources. As you can clearly read here, this story was reported (and last updated)by Haaretz on December 10, 2004...NEARLY THREE YEARS AGO.

Hardly "breaking news," Christian or otherwise.

It should also be noted that, even the Jewish offenders in these instances are criminally prosecuted by Israeli authorities.

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