Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pinch Sulzberger Offers Some Friendly Advice

In classical literature, Satan (or other wicked gods) confront good, moral people, not by fear, not by force, but by confusing them. They sow distrust and suspicion, make the target lose confidence that they have made the right decision. And Satan always couches his comments as trying to HELP his target.

Then the target follows Satan's advice, and voila--catastrophe.

Have you noticed how closely Democrats and the media follow the "Satanic model"?

Whenever conservatives make a strong, bold move, or are well-positioned to implement their agenda, liberals and the media step forward with ways to "help them out." "Hey, don't act hasty there, guys, you don't appreciate all the wisdom and common sense Jimmy Carter/Tip O'Neill/Dan Rostenkowski/Warren Christopher/Madeline Albright was exercising in that chair, you need to follow that lead..."

My God, the list is endless--let's review a little history just since I started paying attention. Democrats and the media have relentlessly, "generously" urged Republicans to:

**Not nominate Ronald Reagan
**Not re-nominate Ronald Reagan
**Not support Ronald Reagan's tax cuts
**Not support Ronald Reagan's policy to confront the Kremlin
**[Let's just save a lot of time and say--"Not support any of Ronald Reagan's initiatives"]
**Oppose Robert Bork for Supreme Court
**Not kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait
**Support George Bush I in breaking his "no new taxes" pledge.
**Support Gorbachev over Yeltsin
**Not oppose David Souter for Supreme Court
**Oppose Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court
**Not oppose the Clinton agenda
**Not pay attention to Newt Gingrich
**Not support Newt Gingrich as House Minority Leader
**Not support Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House
**Run "positive, non-partisan" campaigns against Bill Clinton
**Refrain from impeaching Bill Clinton
**Refrain from convicting Bill Clinton for impeachable offenses
**Attack tobacco companies
**Attack oil companies
**Attack pharmaceutical companies
**Attack gun companies/gun owners/gun rights
**Nationalize health care
**Nominate John McCain over George W. Bush
**Refrain from ousting the Taleban
**Refrain from ousting Saddam Hussein
**Block off-shore oil drilling
[sorry, I'm going to have to cut it there]

Do you notice a theme here? On some of these issues, the Repubs held firmly united and rejected Satan's advice--and their intitiatives led to historical success. On others they succumbed to that "helpful advice"--and inevitably rued it for leading to debacle after debacle.

Just like the classical stories of those who rejected Satan's advice--or took it.

Today the media and Left are urging John McCain to change his decision and "dump Sarah Palin." Or urging Sarah Palin to "do the honorable, responsible thing" and quit the campaign.

That would be yet another grave, grave error.

The Left doesn't have the guts to try to murder us. Instead, they constantly urge us to commit suicide.

Let's not. And instead of getting angry at the bottle-imps of the Left, let's show a little Jewish/Christian charity, and urge them all to help themselves in the long run, and abandon the politics of division, and endorse the superb Reformist ticket of McCain-Palin, n'est ce pas?


Anonymous said...

So, J.O., where did you get the photo of Pinch Sulzberger?

Jewish Odysseus said...

GM, you can click on the "properties" to get the info--it came from Pretty cute, huh?

Anonymous said...

Wow - what an @sshole. You honestly believe that annihilating an entire culture will cure your own? How pious and sanctimonious. Do you not think that the Lord would have programmed us to worship only in the way YOU choose if he wanted it that way. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, we all worship the SAME GOD. D'uh!? It's the route that is taken that you take umbrage to. Well, I take umbrage to your narrow-mindedness and small-town theatrics. I take umbrage to your solid belief that your way is the only way (since you do have a direct channel to God every evening, yes? You speak directly to him and know this to be true? Hmmm ...) There are 30 million muslims planning every evening to PROTECT themselves from the likes of you. Perhaps you need to focus more on cleaning up your own "terrorists" -- the murderers, pedophiles, rapists, thieves, Bernie Madoffs, George Bushes, sadists and psychopathic stalkers before you look at the rest of the world. Who, surprisingly, don't have the rates of theft, murder, rape, etc. as North America. Hmmm ... wonder why??? Certainly not a faultless society - I agree - but not one deserving of your putrid venom. Nice work, dingbat.