Wednesday, October 7, 2009


As we reported here nearly 2 years ago, the friendly Islamic degenerates of Iran have been planning to flood a priceless world-historical archeological site, the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Now Ahmedinejad and his criminally-insane cohorts have allowed another of Cyrus's archeological sites to be destroyed, to wit, Cyrus's Palace, the Charkab:
Cyrus the Great’ Palace Faces Total Destruction

LONDON, (CAIS) -- Some sections of Cyrus the Great's palace known as Charkhab (čarxāb) located in the Borazjan Plain, in the Persian Gulf’s Bushehr Province has been completely destroyed and the remaining of the edifice is on the verge of total destruction if no action is taken soon, reported the Persian service of CHN.

According to the report, two years ago archaeologists left the site for no apparent reason and the unique early Achaemenid edifice has been left to be destroyed. The director of the team has continuously requested the recommence of some archaeological research but this has been rejected and permit denied.

Not to be outdone, Islamist vandals in southern Israel unleashed their thirst for Allah's justice on another irreplaceable site, Avdat:

These ancient pillars were standing until a few days ago

That paint wasn't sprayed there in the 3d century.

Vandals destroy ancient Negev site

By Zafrir Rinat and Yanir Yagna Haaretz Correspondents

Police yesterday arrested two Negev Bedouin on suspicion of vandalizing the southern archaeological park of Avdat as revenge for the recent demolition of homes in the area.

Police say the two suspects, aged 41 and 57, may have wreaked on Sunday what one high-ranking preservation official called "unparalleled damage" to the site.

A farmer in the area says he's experienced such revenge vandalism for years.

The two suspects are believed to have been angered by the demolition of a home of a relative; they deny they were involved and are slated to be arraigned today.

Avdat's archaeological section was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a Heritage Site four years ago. The area was severely damaged in the late-night attack that occurred although a guard was nearby. The guard says he did not hear the shattering of archaeological finds.

The vandals knocked down arches thousand of years old, destroyed ancient columns that once supported houses of worship and spray painted the remains of a Byzantine church, according to Orit Bortnik, who heads the preservation efforts of the Israel Nature and Parks Protection Authority.

The head of the authority's southern district, Raviv Shapira, said he had "never seen anything like" the destruction at Avdat. Bortnik spoke of the staff's distress: "We walked around with tears in our eyes. The people who did this caused destruction like a pogrom. They destroyed the place."

Avdat is one of four ancient Nabatean cities in the Negev. All the reconstructed cities received the exclusive UNESCO status, but Avdat was considered unique, because it held some of the world's most ancient Byzantine churches, dating back to the third century CE.

Just keep examples like this (and the Bamyan Buddhas...and the Swat Buddhas...and the Ayodha Temple...and Joseph's Tomb...and) in mind when you hear those Islamist taqqiyah-spewers claiming that Islam PRESERVED ancient civilizations.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first I have heard of Iran planning this. Outrageous. I doubt many in the West know of Persia's history and biblical significance anymore. Our naivete has us too busy committing suicide.