Sunday, October 10, 2010



If you read enough stories about Arab mobs attempting to lynch Jews in Israel, you notice a few common themes:

1--Use of very young children (or women) to freeze the "Yahud" target;
2--A team of older killers who step forward when the kids have completed their task;
3--Redundant camerawork to ensure that an anti-Jewish narrative can be fabricated from the incident, no matter what actually happened.

Considering this history, we can only imagine the horrific scene that would have ensued had David Be'eri (who was driving with his young son in the car with him) not STEPPED ON THE GAS and unhesitatingly knocked aside the little soulless human sandbag who was attempting to hurl a rock through his windshield from 5 feet away. Note carefully the details of this episode:

1--At .03, a friendly chat with a local driver (indicating neighborhood support for and knowledge of the planned lynching). Also, you can count no less than 6 pre-teen human sandbags, most wearing designer jeans. (Didn't the Khmer Rouge specialize in exploiting children as killers?)
2--Five of the kids run up the street directly at the honking car (.08-.10). But the car doesn't stop, so the murderous plan is disrupted.
3--Two OLDER "Asian youths" move in to hurl more rocks from closer to the car. (.15-.17)
4--At least five adults (not including the cameraman for this video) holding notably sophisticated, expensive cameras position themselves to get various better angles (.13-.21). These people are almost surely with the Palestinian Authority, not alJazeera.
5--The entire rear window of Mr. Be'eri's car is smashed out (.22-.25).
6--A team of older people who seem to be in charge take it upon themselves to bundle the little cretin into a van--notice his hands on the door (.37-.45) as they put him in. Does it look like he wants to get rescued?

Keep this failed Pallywood scene in mind as you read or watch the monotonous dirge of stories from lamestream media morons denouncing the arrogant-brutal-racist-insensitive-violent-provocative behavior of "extremist Jewish settlers" towards their peaceful Arab neighbors. Also, never forget that death by stoning ("lapidation") is an ancient Arab custom that is still popular to this day.

By the way, if the comments on this YouTube video are any indication, Israel may have turned a corner in terms of non-Jewish sympathy for the Arabs. I've never seen the words "I wished the kid died" posted so many times in one place.

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Moishe3rd said...

Perusing my seldom used blog and I noted your comment from years ago and stopped by...
Oddly enough, the stone throwing rebels are a question of Law and Order, not of the Arab/Israeli conflict.
Who allows rioters to wander freely attacking motorists?
Anyone? Maybe in the non-existent country of Somalia or some other equally non-governed area - but in Israel?
Arrest. Detention. Deportation. Deadly force. Whatever.
Any other country in the world, from Samoa to Ghana to Siberia - would stop this by using the police to do the above.
So, what is wrong with Israel?