Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pamela Geller, Newt Gingrich, and the Big Banquet Table

Does this lady look afraid?

On April 15, 2009, Pamela Geller, the founder of the AtlasShrugs2000 website, appeared on Fox's “The Redeye” show with Greg Gutfelt, at 2 AM. She was opposite Alison Rosen and Bill Schulz. They discussed such issues as “Does Twitter make you immoral?” and “Do children lead to happiness?”

On November 7, 2009, Ms. Geller spoke in front of the Collin County Conservative Republicans, in McKinney Texas. On April 13, 2010, she began a campaign of bus and taxi ads in several cities offering safe-haven and support to frightened souls seeking to leave Islam. On June 7, she led and organized a rally with some 5,000 attendees in New York in protest of the mosque at Ground Zero. On July 27, 2010, her book, “The Post-American Presidency, was released, to wide acclaim, except from the far left. On September 11, 2010, she led another New York rally she had organized in protest against the Ground Zero Mosque, which drew at least 30,000 people. And just 2 Sundays ago, the New York Times ran a 3752-word article about Ms. Geller, along with 22 color photos, plus a supplemental 2871-word interview.

Quite a trip from the RedEye with Alison Rosen and Bill Schulz.

Ms. Geller’s achievements can best be understood by the ineluctable dynamic of the lamestream, errr, mainstream media and its fellow-travelers in leftist politics. For something close to 40 years, these people have maintained a closed system of self-dealing, self-promotion, self-protection and self-perpetuation, and they have prided themselves on their success on keeping it practically hermetically sealed. Their system has only one weakness: the unpredictability of America’s voters.

I’ll never forget how they smirked, giggled, and laaaaaaaaauuuuuuughed for 16 solid years as an incredibly knowledgeable, dynamic, and talented GOP congressman from Georgia openly stated his intent to become Speaker of the House. As Gingrich wounded, humiliated, and ousted one Dem honcho after another—Tip O’Neill; Mario Cuomo; Jim Wright—the lamestream media continued to pretend he was just a hyperactive bomb-thrower, a marginal political lunatic whom, as late as October 1990, they expected to be ousted by a RINO challenger put up by the “responsible adults” in the Bush White House. Newt, you see, didn’t see the mature wisdom in Pres. H.W. Bush’s decision to blatantly break his sole “read-my-lips” campaign promise, and said so without fear.

Well, you know, one thing the establishment has no patience for is people without fear. (Keep that in mind when you observe Ms. Geller, too.) But, as we all know, Newt wasn’t ousted in 1990…And just 4 years later he rolled the most devastating political tsunami in modern history across Washington (while war-hero H.W. Bush had been ignominiously retired to Maine by the Arkansas draft-dodger.) So Newt was given full props for his far-sighted strategy and determination, right?

Of course not. The Leftist ruling class of our country resembles nothing so much as a dinner table of snobby royals and socialites who see themselves entitled unto perpetuity with the authority to tell the little people outside the banquet hall how to live their lives (oh, and tax those mindless proles at any rate they see fit, it’s for their own good, dammit). At this banquet table the beautiful people discuss how they will exercise their rule and their plans for the future, but perhaps most important they boost each other to ensure that their happy little clique keeps everyone there at the table friendly, loyal, and reliable.

Ohhhhh, but those pesky elections. Remember Newt? How can you have a table of elites without a Speaker of the House? But Newt wasn’t just a successor to Tom Foley (who of course lost HIS chair). Newt was an ideological opposite, an indigestible, hostile, and alien presence. How could they just seat him and keep the banquet pleasant? No, they had to create a buffer space around him, which means at least a couple OTHER SEATS MUST BE VACATED. Oh, dear, some good and loyal banqueteers had to be asked to leave. How unpleasant. But we can’t have the banquet degenerate into a heated argument, can we? Especially if we are arguing with a former college professor who’s just obliterated 2 Speakers, Jim Wright and Tom Foley?

Hence the deep, deeeeeep psychic depression in 1994-95 as the elites decided who would take the hit. They basically settled on (ooohhhh, the pain)… Hillary Clinton, and her loyalists (remember Marian Wright Edelman? I do.) This was sad, but logical: hadn’t it been Hillary’s now-clear-in-retrospect bumbling failure in her health care plan that had led to the Newt disaster? Out went Hillary, not to be seen again until she had re-invented herself as a wronged-but-loyal wife and “moderate pro-Israel Democrat” to run for Senate in 2000. And slid into Sen. Moynihan’s seat. “Welcome back, Hillary, we finally got rid of Newt!”

Which brings us to Pamela Geller. She hasn’t been elected to anything, but she has all but broken through the door to the banquet hall through sheer force of intellectual argument, stunning energy, and hard-earned internet presence. Oh, and the staggering cluelessness of every single guest at the table: not one of them, to include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saw any need for ideological adjustment even after a jihadist major in the US Army culminated a loving (and officially approved!) e-mail correspondence with a notorious al-Qaeda agent in Yemen by gunning down 43 of his comrades as he screamed out “allaaahakbar.” No, what was most important in the wake of the atrocity was that there be no “backlash” against Muslims in the Army, and that the Army’s diversity not become a casualty, according to General Casey.

Good grief.

The reason this little blogress has moved from strength to strength the past year and a half is that these elites have been guilty of such acts of malfeasance and nonfeasance that a truly healthy society would have long ago tarred and feathered them (at least), demanded honorable suicide, or simply shot them for treason (which is what Maj. Hassan deserved as soon as he sent his first e-mail to Awlaki). But these people continue to pretend that the ideas of Pamela Geller, and those of her utterly normal and logical comrades like Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, Bat Ye’or, Sue Myrick, Andrew Breitbart and David Gaubatz are the problem. Funny, I haven’t noticed any of them even try to incinerate a synagogue, or blow up a plane full of civilians, or speed a car into a crowd of pedestrians, or roll a grenade into a commanding officer’s tent, or saw the head off an innocent hostage on internet TV, or murder a too-independent daughter, sister or wife, all the while screaming “allaaaaahakbar.”

As with Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and many other hated banquet-crashers, Ms. Geller’s “shocking” success is a direct result of the total failures of our media, intellectual and political elites. Because reality has so thoroughly obliterated their smug ideological constructs, these “unqualified” commentators continue to replace them. And will continue to do so.

I hate to break it to the elites, but as is stated in the banquet scene from the Book of Daniel, their days are numbered. Remember the elections? In just a week, a raft of people who are, shall we say, Geller-friendly, are about to be elected to Congress, as well as move up to committee chairmanships. They will have the authority to conduct hearings, subpoena witnesses, confront bureaucrats, and draft legislation. The whole rotten pro-jihadi infrastructure of the news media and Washington is about to be smashed.

And if they thought Newt caused trouble at the banquet table, they ain’t seen nothing yet, as an awakened America finally rises to ideologically crush 21st century jihadism. The New York Times has managed a dim, fearful idea of this future…hence their laughably wrong-headed and incompetent attempt to smear Ms. Geller on October 10. The Times has become so in-bred and genetically feeble they can’t even do a patented-by-them hit-piece right any more. Look at all those great photos! Sorry, guys, you just threw the rabbit into the briar patch.

I have a strange feeling that a not-so-few banqueteers like, ohhhhhh, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, and Joy Behar, are about to be forced to leave. But for you, Ms. Geller, we have a seat right here in the middle, and for a number of your friends, too. Bon appétit!


GM Roper said...

J.O., I've a commenter named "Ahmed" who regularly chastises me for being pro-Geller. He thinks she is an islamophobe and I am to because I not only link to her, I occasionally correspond with her and count her as a friend. I'm linking to your post shortly. Maybe it'll give Ahmed heartburn as November 2, 2010 will give the left a case of heartburn such as 10,000 pounds of TUMS won't help.

Jewish Odysseus said...

I hope it gives him more than heartburn--may it help to open his eyes, and, unlike all traditional, "genuine" Muslims, begin to use the brain God put in his head.

Anonymous said...

Both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL have named Ms. Geller as a hate monger, using lies and distortions to spread and irrational fear of Islam. She's currently being sued for $10M for calling a Muslim attorney a terrorist, and the way the case is going it looks like she will lose.

Jewish Odysseus said...
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Jewish Odysseus said...

Jeez, "Rev," you sure seem knowledgeable about legal matters. But I've been practicing law, in court every day, for more than 10 years. So I hate to tell ya, this clown Tarazi hasn't a chance!

Reverend, I did find a website you might find enlightening: