Thursday, February 10, 2011


My, my, whatta snit you all threw today--how DARE Hosni and his comrades not quit?! And after you all had reported that he had already resigned!! How confusing, and embarassing!

Allow me to un-confuse you. Let's take a little trip down memory lane to awaaaaaaaaayyy back in 1979, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Jimmy Carter, honestagawd, roamed the White House. That was the last time an authoritarian regime with a large professional military was confronted by an Islamist attempt at a power grab, in Iran.

You want to know what the Egyptian military is thinking? I can guarantee you they are thinking about these images, and the most assured way to avoid being in the next batch, which will of course be digital, and in color:

Top Iranian Officers Before The Show Trial in 1979

After the Show Trial

Kurds and Policemen Being Executed by the Mullahs

Oh, and do you remember this man?

He was Abulhassan Banisadr, the secular/socialist President of Iran, elected in January 1980 with 79 % of the national vote...and in 18 months he was in exile, fleeing for his life from the Islamist assassins. Funny how that worked out, the secular front guy "in power" only as long as the jihadis found him useful, and then "off with his head!"

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