Sunday, February 27, 2011


Five days after the vicious Khomeini of Egypt, Yusuf Qaradawi, returns to a roaring mob of hundreds of thousands in Cairo, the "respected, secular" Egyptian Army guns down Coptic Christians for the crime of trying to protect their ancient monastery from Muslim mobs. I've just completed a detailed translation of the comments from the Egyptian officer on the scene:

"Nice little monastery you have here, Father, it would be a shame if some of our radical and immature Brothers should blow it to smithereens. And you know, Father, nothing provokes our Brothers so much as non-Moslems actively defending their own holy places. No, the smart thing for you to do will be to stop with this "security wall" nonsense, and just pay your jiziyah, and recognize that you will only have an existence here in Egypt so long as kind and open-minded Muslims like me have a vested financial interest in protecting you."

A note to the Copts of Egypt: you are about to become the new Baha'is, study what has happened to them since 1979. It is your future.

And a note to the Jews of Israel: study both the Baha'is and the Copts, and the Christians of the Ottoman Empire, and modern Lebanon, and Kosovo, and...


GM Roper said...

Prophetic methinks.

TXLady706 said...

Egypt is now looking to have a renewed relationship with Iran. The NEW ERA of relations is coming. The "change" is here. Is this what Obama meant by HOPE and Change? He is after all an Anti - Colonialist. Islam was sold to Africans as the answer to Colonialism. HOPE and Change. For who?