Sunday, March 13, 2011


In trying to respond to the latest "Palestinian" atrocity in Israel, I couldn't help but be reminded of soooooooo many similar outrages these people have committed in recent years. These are not errant bombs or bystanders killed by shrapnel that had hit its target...these utterly innocent victims WERE the targets. As are all da Jooooooooos living in Israel.

I've gathered here just a few of these long-ago...maybe not so long-ago crimes, with the emphasis on children, but I had to recall the murder of Erez Levanon: surely this diabolical knife assault on a single Jew praying alone in the forest has to rank up there with the proudest and most emblematic moments of the "Palestinian" national cause. And Rabbi Lazer Brody had this utterly amazing insight on this martyrdom, almost exactly four years ago.

Dangerous Joooooooooo Settler Erez Levanon

And we'll never forget Tali Hatuel, gunned down in 2004 as she drove to pick her husband up from work. The savages also slaughtered her four daughters, and the infant in her womb:

There was Danielle Shefi, a five-year-old murdered in her own bed in 2002, like the Fogel kids, but shot, not stabbed:

Danielle Shefi's bedroom--look familiar?

Little Shalhevet Pass (2001), and what kind of demons does Allah need to plant in your breast to lay the crosshairs of your sniper's rifle on the forehead of a ten-month-old child?
Come to think of it, pretty much the same demons that would drive you to slash the throats of a 4 year old child and a 3 month old infant, I guess. But who says Islam is satanic?

Ohhhhh, and one little story I'm sure you never read about...I didn't until today. Looky at what a simple IDF checkpoint turned up just 4 days ago:

"Yesterday during a routine security inspection at the Tapuach Junction south of Nablus, Israel Border Police arrested a 20 year old Palestinian man after five pipe bombs and three firebombs ready for detonation and a knife were discovered on his person.

The man was taken for security questioning and the explosives were detonated in a controlled manner by sappers.

Below are some of the photos of the explosives:

Nice knife, huh? I wonder if that's standard issue for all "Palestinian" boys above the age of 12 or so.

And this weekend they passed out cookies on the streets of Gaza to celebrate the massacre of the Fogel family. Yeah, they sure deserve their own state, don't they?


john jay said...


i have linked this very good post to my article, here,, because i think your article so important.

people who remember history are invaluable, because they remind us that our present circumstance has been before, and help us give content and weight to our rage.

this is not an isolated instance of wrong to the jewish people. this is part of an arab/muslim pattern that will stretch on forever, if this behavior is not curbed.

i know no other way than by violence. reason and humanity count for nothing with these people.

they must be stilled.

john jay

Jewish Odysseus said...

Thank you, my comrade john, like you I am awaiting the day the children of Israel "take off the gloves," as they say in hockey. I wd say that, in the past ~20 years, Israel has acted with at least some vigor against their enemies for about 16 months (April 2002--July 2003, and Jan. 2009). Imagine how many innocents would be alive today if it had been 240 months?