Saturday, April 23, 2011


Mutual Admiration back then...
Mutual Annihilation today.

Start with a baseline foreign policy dedicated to harming American interests.

Throw in a generally competent, well-equipped, but excessively timid and politicized military.

Add a half-cup passive-destructive political rival in charge of foreign policy.

Season with a tablespoon of incompetent-to-da-bone foreign intelligence apparatus.

And stir in a cup each of concentrated I-walk-on-water, don’t confuse me with the facts hubris; genuine terror of recent and future political defeats; and inbred solicitude to the grievances of Sunni potentates.

And what do you have?

VOILA! An utterly amoral realpolitik that ruthlessly drives en entire small Muslim nation to bludgeon and massacre itself in what I like to call “the Muslim meatgrinder.” In other words, a smashing and self-sustaining voreign bolizy success story!

It’s really uncanny, it’s a lot like the Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns learned that he had every disease known to medicine…but because he had so many of them, they perfectly balanced out each other inside his physiology, so he remained apparently “healthy.” (See clip here). Or it’s like John McLaughlin used to say: Obama has “swerved into success!”

For once I can stand tall and send a big THANK YOU to our alien president for an unqualified policy success.

Of course, in the good old days, when US politics stopped at the water’s edge, both Republican and Democrat Presidents could rely on their opponents to keep supporting them so long as our foreign enemies were being crushed. But once the Left turned in favor of the deranged Asiatic butcher Ho Chi Minh over the simple corrupt Texas hack LBJ, we’ve been on a nasty one-way ratchet whereby Republicans tried to stop Democrat Presidents from giving away the country, and Democrats tried to force Republican Presidents to give away the country.

Therefore, if even a Kissinger had created a similar Libyan policy, the Left would be jumping to sabotage it, and no doubt in weeks it would be abandoned.

Many of my good brethren have recently posted about Gadhafi’s troops being beheaded by rebel mobs, with the implication that this proves we should not oppose Gadhafi. Do we really give a rat’s @ss about those thugs? Do we really give a rat’s @ss if Gadhafi saturates rebel areas with cluster bombs? I sure don’t. The only thing we need to worry about is: 1) make sure the bloodshed lasts as long and is widespread as possible; 2) make sure another wave of Islamic refugees doesn't use this as an opportunity to invade Europa; and 3) make sure that the ultimate winner is the least anti-American side. As for Libya’s oil industry…well, both sides know that the oil is their only hope for any future, so there is little chance of it being seriously damaged. Recall that during the 8 years of the Iran-Iraq War, the real price of oil plummeted.

One thing needs to be recalled here: these Islamic regimes that are tottering were the unworthy recipients of unbelievable amounts of transferred technology, money, medicine, food, and technical assistance for the past ~100 years, and now their unsustainablity has become manifest. Had the West not intervened and propped up these regimes and their predecessors for the past century, tens of millions of their subjects (no, NOT "citizens") would have suffered slow and grisly deaths from famine, pestilence, and traditional scorched earth village exterminations. You know how the Muslims (including Gadhafi) have loved to brag that the future belongs to them due to their population growth and larger families? Well, it is only Western technology and medicine that has made that growth possible, and now that it is being slowly cut off, those teeming slums will soon turn into charnel houses. And, sacre bleu, those population growth rates will plummet to historical ranges. As in zero.

Maahhhhh friends, let’s keep a cool head, pass the popcorn, and enjoy this little freakshow, and encourage our Muslim African president to keep assisting his Muslim African friends to keep maiming and killing each other [WARNING: Graphic vid.]


GM Roper said...

Let the games begin and the least corrupt regime win.

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