Friday, May 11, 2012


When you look up "he's got his number" in the dictionary, you see Sam Vaknin talking about Hussein Obama...He began to study Obama in 2008, when he did the above interview...This 2d interview is about 3 years later. 

This week, a lot of people were surprised that Obama decided to go public with his "personal support for gay marriage" EXACTLY THE NEXT DAY once the voters of North Carolina voted down gay marriage by a 61-39 massacre.  This while North Carolina is a state he supposedly considers an important swing state he needs to win in November.

So why the spit in the peoples' face?

Because Obama is a malignant narcissist.  He cannot STAND the idea of being contradicted, or refuted, or turned down.  So when it happens...well, rather than address this electoral stomping and figure out a way to minimize the damage, Obama is impelled to strike back directly at the people who have contradicted him...the voters who oppose gay marriage, too bad if they happen to live in a swing state.  (BTW, NC is as much a swing state after Obama won it as Mass. was after Reagan won it twice in a row...It's NOT.)

For those of you who are seeking to predict Obama's behavior over both long and short-term, you need to absorb the teachings of Sam Vaknin.


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Jewish Odysseus said...

Hey, jc! I wondered if you have available a longer version of that great "time-is-everything" post you made last night?

Or is there some other site at which you've developed this idea?

Here is the article I mentioned last night (it was in AmericanThinker, too):

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hello said...

Six of Obama's psychotic outbursts caught on video

Six of Obama's psychotic outbursts caught on video