Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I hope you're sitting down.

Here is an incredible word-for-word testament to the obtuseness and suicidalism of the Politically Correct American Liberal. They are beyond parody. STANDING UP FOR THE HURT FEELINGS OF "RADICAL MUSLIMS!!"

Do I really need to mention that her degrees are in education and psychology?

I wonder if any Gator alumni out there might want to rethink their donations?


November 26, 2007

To: All University Students

From: Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin
Vice President for Student Affairs

Re: Official Response to a recent advertisement for the movie

Throughout our country, we have witnessed a rise in offensive behavior and actions taken against others, which has created greater divisiveness and misunderstandings among the various ethnic groups residing in our communities. One of these events occurred on our campus recently with the promotion of an event.

Advertisements for the movie "Obsession" sponsored by several student organizations appeared during the past several weeks on campus bulletin boards and they illustrate the importance of balancing freedom of speech with responsibility.

The ads, which promoted a showing of the movie on Nov. 13 and a panel discussion afterward, entitled "Radical Islam Wants You Dead," offended many Muslim students on campus. Regardless of its original intent, the language reinforced a negative stereotype, created unnecessary divisiveness and contributed to a generalization that only furthers the misunderstanding of the religion of Islam.

We cannot speak of rights without also addressing the responsibility associated with our actions or statements, including understanding the potential consequences. One of our roles as a learning institution is to teach our students to express themselves freely, and also in a fair and conscientious manner. In an academic setting, differences of opinions are strongly encouraged, yet such opinions must be based on accurate information when describing other members of the community.

Unfortunately, in the case of the "Obsession" ads, that did not happen. I believe the groups that posted them owe the campus, and particularly campus members of the Islamic faith, an apology and a clarification.

At the University of Florida we have embraced a set of values, one of which is diversity. Diversity is not just about having representation from various cultures on campus, it also is having each member contribute to an inclusive and safe environment and collectively enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the richness brought by such differences. The University of Florida is committed to being an institution of excellence, where all members are valued and feel safe on our campus. Our role as an institution is to create opportunities for students to learn in an open and accepting environment; one that emphasizes respect for all. Let's remember that part of our mission is to prepare each other to be effective members of a global community. With that in mind, I encourage each member of our campus community as a start to learn more about the religion of Islam and some of its tenets of peace, hard work, charity and compassion.

There is little room for divisiveness in our world if we are to find peace and understanding among us. We all can win if we focus on greater inclusion and understanding as well as the delicate balance between our rights and responsibilities.

[BTW, you can read the little leftist UF morons cheering on the "doctor" here. ]

Oh, and it looks like Da Joooos there at UF AIN'T APOLOGIZING. Here's one for the good Doctor:



Anonymous said...

"One of our roles as a learning institution is to teach our students to express themselves freely, and also in a fair and conscientious manner."

That is rich. I don't remember seeing that in the first amendment!

Jewish Odysseus said...

MJM, sure it is: right after the part about, "The testimony of a woman university VP is worth 1/10th the testimony of a drunk male trashpicker."

Isn't that what The Noble Koran teaches us? And we all need to see the wisdom in that oh-so-diverse document...

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