Sunday, November 18, 2007


More good news (which to the MSM means, "NON-NEWS") from Iraq. Have you heard about these vivid, telegenic stories in the MSM? OF COURSE NOT.

And we all know why...:

Iraqi Christians Return to Worship in St. John’s Church
Saturday, 17 November 2007
By Cpl. Ben Washburn
1st Infantry Division Public Affairs

BAGHDAD — Nov. 15 marked an important day for the residents of the Doura neighborhood, as Iraqi Christians returned to conduct worship services at St. John’s Church.

Bishop Schlemon Warduni, Auxiliary Bishop of the Chaldean Church, came to St. John’s, in the heart of a southern Baghdad neighborhood where violence had been the worst and al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) most strongly entrenched, to give the first mass since May 5.

With Christians, Muslims, and Iraqi security and Coalition forces on hand, Bishop Warduni delivered a mass praying for peace and unity for all of Iraq. The Christians in the congregation took communion to conclude the service, culminating a day more than six months in the making.

“This service is a reflection of the current security situation in Doura,” said Harker Heights, Texas, native Col. Ricky D. Gibbs, commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division. “Only a few weeks ago AQI had the Iraqi populace in the grip of terror but they’ve been pushed out and the people have returned to worship.”

Tired that their Christian friends had been forced out by AQI, Muslim leaders sought a way to bring these families back into the community. Lt. Col. Stephen Michael, the commander of the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, said the Muslim community played a significant role in the events of the day.

“Some of the first people that called for the opening of the church were the Muslims here that have lived in this muhalla (neighborhood)” said Michael, a native of Newark, N.J., as he stood in the church courtyard in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Many Muslim leaders attended the service as a sign of friendship and support to their Christian neighbors. Their attendance could be a sign that Muslims in the area have rejected AQI and embraced their Christian friends.

St. John’s Church hasn’t been spared from the destruction of war. In 2004, the church was attacked by terrorists and largely destroyed. It has since been rebuilt. Just a few weeks ago, Christians there raised a new cross on the steeple of the church.

[NOTE: The fantastic mil-blog reporter, Michael Yon, does another great report on this story here. ]


Pale Horse Troop Finds Two Caches Buried in Soccer Stadium
Thursday, 08 November 2007
By Alexis Harrison
1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs

BAGHDAD — Soldiers from Troop P, 4th Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (SCR), currently attached to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, found two weapons and explosives caches while on patrol in the Ramaniyah neighborhood, Nov. 5.

Buried under the bleachers of a soccer stadium in two locations, the Soldiers found (45) blocks of C-4 explosive, (33) mortars, almost (2000) rounds of ammunition, a rocket-propelled grenade and launcher, (2) sniper rifles, (2) protective vests and (1) grenade.

Capt. Marcus Melton, commander of ‘Pale Horse’ Troop of the Vilseck, Germany-based 4-2 SCR, said the cache find was quite uncommon for the area he and his men patrol on a regular basis.

“We've found random weapons during cordon and knocks, but never a bulk cache like this before," he said. "The area is checked often, and we're still trying to figure out how they got (the weapons and explosives) in there.”

The soccer stadium was checked just a few weeks ago, thus implying that the cache had been recently placed according to what Melton could tell from the last time his troops were there.

“This will definitely have an impact on whoever's operation this was,” Melton said. “Someone isn't very happy with us right now; that's for sure.”

Sgt. Chris Meyering from Rochester, N.Y, Spc. Danny Lee from Brooklyn and Staff Sgt. Elliott Davis from Lakewood, Wash., found the first cache buried under the bleachers after tamping the ground with a shovel. Meyering heard it hit something hollow-sounding and began to dig immediately.

“As soon as the shovel hit, I knew what it was,” he said. “I was pretty happy knowing that weapons were getting taken off the street.”

The first cache was the smaller of the two and was buried in a wooden box. After it was found, the troops began searching the stadium more thoroughly and came upon the second cache, which was slightly larger and buried in what looked like a chest freezer.

Melton said much of the mortar rounds and explosives found were in brand-new condition; still wrapped and in original containers with date stamps as recent as earlier this year.


So you say you've been feeling a little down, Bunky? Not much of an appetite lately? Well, check out this eradication of 7 rabid jackal Islamists, and see if that doesn't perk you up a little bit:


Nancy Coppock said...

Imagine a Bagdad where Christians are sought after citizens. May the ground of St. John's be holy and wonderful in the sight of God and those of the neighborhood. May the love and trust exhibited by these fellow believers be a drawing light to others around them.

And why on earth does the media only report our own casualties while practically ignoring our own success? When truth is only whispered as if a conspiracy and conspiracy is reported as truth the purpose of the MSM must be called into question.

Good job, J.O.

Nobody's Favorite said...

good news from Iraq. Thanks for that

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that pick-me-up!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Muchissimas gracias to you all, there has been A LOT of good new from Iraq the past week, I've only been able to report a fraction.

A few others: successful raids against the "Council of Islamic Scholars" (AQ's lead support group in Iraq) and the Sadrists, both in Baghdad; and a number of anti-AQ raids, with dozens of rabid jackals eradicated or captured.

The purpose of the MSM, Nancy? What it's been since the 1960's: to advance the cause of .
socialism. 1960's, it was Ho Chi Minh; today it's Hillary Clinton.

MJM, I saw your blog, well done, amigo! See, there IS at least one other Jewish conservative.

Anonymous said...

We are few, to be sure.
And can make things difficult.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Amen to that, MJM! And thank YOU for stopping by here!

Oh, BTW I forgot another great story from Iraq--a petition signed by **300,000 Shia** condemning "brotherly" Iran's interference inside Iraq!

Son Of Jor-El said...

YES!!! I never get tired of seeing America's finest doing what we do best :D Kicking ass, taking no names :D