Friday, November 23, 2007

With these Satan-worshippers, doesn't it always come back to the head-chopping?

More evidence that our international vermin-eradication project still has a long way to go. From a very moderate jihadi website:

"Choose a city or an area under [their] control that you are able to enter and in which you can gather your forces – such as Abu Ghuraib, the northern or southern parts of Baghdad, or parts of Diyala. Gather a sufficient number of Allah's mujahideen [in this area], and deal a lightening blow to the apostate Sahwa by killing as many of [of its members] as you can. [Also,] take as many hostages as possible, especially from among their leaders... Make them confess to being American agents... Cut off their heads in the most ruthless manner and hang up their bodies. Take pictures of all this and publicize them for all to see. Burn their houses and their fields..."

For the full pathetic call, go here.


Son Of Jor-El said...

That's fine, let them publish their reprobate propagana. I will simply be posting more Mohamhead the Pig cartoons everywhere I blog :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Samiha and I was searching the net for a complete video of the Oprah Episode that aired a Jewish woman who sacrificed new borns in awaiting for their messiah to arrive sooner I didnt bother reading your artical because I read the first two sentences and I knew you are completely uneducated illiterate moron :) no offence and the sad part is, is that this is coming to you from a 16 year old see I have a lot to learn about Islam and as i go on with my life i learn more and more and if you did your research before writing your artical you wouldn't have made such a fool of your self over the internet I live in Canada and you know something I have grown up in America and Canada most of my life and i have experianced the culture of many different type of races and religions so I know alot about most religions and i wouldnt be the one to write articals on how Cristianity is just a whole lot of bullshit since you guys have a NEW TESTEMENT every year I mean really now how does gods words change ever year for you guys... or my bad are you jewish? heres the true reality of you bastards watch this video

funny thing is while your wasting your time telling people about how Islam is all about head chopping and all that mumbo jumbo look at your religion for which ever one it may be and question it ask yourselves how the words of god can change every year and how a religion can subdue to sacrificing babies in order to quicken the arrival of a messiah and to the dick head above post what you may there are about 1.8 billion muslims around the world and more converting if you white ass hole are so paranoid with your high security air ports we bombed your ass once and we can sure as hell do it again. so you believe acctually the 9/11 attack was done by the jews just for your kind information. :) so how about you post your cartoons and we take back whats our land Iraq,Palestine(not fucking Israel) and Afghanistan kk?:)


Jewish Odysseus said...

"we bombed your ass once and we can sure as hell do it again. "

Thanks for proving our point.

But Samiha, I still pray for your soul, that you will stop worshipping Shaitan. To the one true God, every soul is precious, and is never irredeemable.