Friday, February 22, 2008


You read it here first: Barack Hussein Obama will be one fat turkey for even the 71-years-young John McCain to blast to smithereens in November.

We conservatives forget that the MSM concocts a Democrat Repub-slayer EVERY FOUR YEARS...and it's always some younger, tech-savvy liberal, or some purported powerful mass movement that will tip the balance. Let's review:

Gary Hart; Mike Dukakis; MTV; Rock the Vote; Al Gore; Howard Dean;; Daily Kos.

So what happened? 4 Repub wins in 6 elections, 3 by mediocre candidates whose last name was "Bush."

Interestingly, the only Dem to win (Clinton twice) was NOT pushed by the MSM very much at first, probably because they were sure he'd be crushed by the "hugely popular" first Bush after the Gulf War victory.

Barry Hussein has triumphed thus far because he has a far more appealing personality than Hillary Clinton. Wow, what an accomplishment. His policies are effectively identical to hers, and in the Dem policy echo-chamber they are receiving no scrutiny.
That will not continue once it becomes McCain vs. Obama.

Let's recall that there WAS one moment during the Democratic race when a real policy dispute took center stage: Hillary's non-endorsement/endorsement of Spitzer's plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. And how did this policy dispute play out, within days after the debate?

Well, within the Democrat party, Hillary was blasted for appearing to both OPPOSE AND SUPPORT the plan, when all the other Dems were SUPPORTING it.

But within THE BLUE STATE OF NEW YORK, the plan was instantly trashed, and aborted. Hmmmmm...Will Obama keep defending his drivers license position for the next nine months?

Obama is the most unapologetically liberal nominee the Dems have offered since Michael Dukakis in 1988. Remember Dukakis? He was the tremendously well-funded governor of the tremendously successful state of Massachusetts, an inspiring son-of-immigrant parents success-story, a brilliantly competent technocrat with an ethnic touch (he spoke Greek AND Spanish!) and as late as August 1988 he was leading the elitist, wimpy, waspy, whiny-voiced Bush by 20 points in the [electorally meaningless] national polls.

3 months later, Dukakis took 10 states.

My readers know I didn't support John McCain, but he isn't in a different league from Obama; he's on a different planet! And Planet Obama is going to look a very alien place indeed to American voters over the next 9 months. Planet Obama will not be a place that non-Daily Kos Americans will even want to visit, let alone make their home.

Of course, this presumes a minimally competent campaign by John McCain, who has certainly had his share of perverse ideological screw-ups the past ten years. But I suspect that being so close to his goal, after being written off just a few months ago, will lead him to a clarity and focus that has eluded him since his buddy Bob Dole lost (a defeat that had a traumatic effect on McCain, in my view).

McCain's main ad guy, Mark McKinnon, has ostentatiously promised that he will not "go negative" against Obama. This is obviously a pre-emptive ploy to lull the enemy to sleep. By contrast, Lee Atwater in 1988 promised "We're going to strip the bark off the little bastard" [Dukakis]. In those pre-Internet days you could get away with that kind of candor (especially when the polls showed your candidate so far behind that the national media was laughing at him), and McKinnon is too cautious to speak that honestly today. But take my word, John McCain will not allow Obama's bizarre down-the-line leftism to go unremarked or unchallenged--vigorously.

And given a choice between a responsible, more conservative adult [not to mention the war hero thing], and a callow, soft-communist neighborhood activist with Islamic roots, the American people will do the right thing.

You read it here first.

Barrack Dukakis.


Nancy Coppock said...

Let the Freakshow begin!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Now, Nancy, let's not get all insulting toward good old American freakshows! Barry Hussein's positions are far more perverse and shocking than any bearded lady or human spider...

Nancy Coppock said...

The new "freakshow" is what the Left calls the actual truth. For instance, the Michelle Obama hate America quote became a "Freakshow". Which I guess means when the Left gets handed its buttocks on a plate after spouting something that while making sense to them, sounds REALLY STUPID to the majority of normal Americans.
On the other hand,bearded ladies or the Tic Tac Toe playing chicken are completely normal and understandable.

Anonymous said...

Hillary went after Bush - Obama went after her. She lost...obviously for such a stupid move.

Let's see what happens when Hillary's out of the picture and it's the old war horse and the young 'change' artist.