Friday, February 8, 2008


For too long, the only Muslim women we're treated too are "traditional" harpy-moms bragging about their mass-murderer sons, semi-slaves in chadors, or glaring "intellectual" freedom-haters who bully their pathetic talk-show interviewers. But Jewish Odysseus is here to offer a new version of Islamic feminity that we can all admire--and this week we can sure use it:

Viva Miss Suha Chloe Hemmat, and thanks to the patriotic editors at Nyla magazine!


Nancy Coppock said...

Hey guys,I see an optical illusion here. If you let your eyes go out of focus, you'll see a Christian cross in the picture.

What sort of subliminal message is this Persian hottie sending?

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

Ohhhh Nancy,

It's not an illusion. She is just a nice Christian girl who is persian. I have to say, those Iranian and Lebanese ladies are pretty. This one is too skinny for me however.

Osama bin Laden has a relative who posed like that. She is actually a model. Very tall with family resemblance. Saw it on Drudge a few years back.

Muslim women are tiring of the yoke. They have become a major force in the reform of Islam.

Salaam eleikum!

Salaam eleikum

Jewish Odysseus said...

To be sure, I guess we really can't be 100% certain the lovely Suha is Muslim. The little bio said she is 3/4 Persian, 1/4 Arab.

Marzouk, maybe you could do some in-depth research into the backgrounds of these lassies...Without getting indicted for cyber-stalking, of course...

Nancy, it may be only because I'm a red-blooded American male, but I have absolutely no problem understanding the the "subliminal" message this girl is sending... Humminahumminahumminahummina...

Nancy Coppock said...

Eleikum salaam to you my redneck friend and the LORD our G--is One to you my heroic Jewish Odysseus.

I checked the photos with my husband and he agreed with both of you - too skinny (grace of G-- for me)but yet a bit of Humminahumminahumminahummina...(we brunettes drive him nuts)

I agree with the assertion that Muslim women are a major force in the reform of Islam. It is a universal truth that woman are the civilizing force when it comes to men regardless of race, religion or creed.

To put it in redneck terms I love the movie "The Westerner" with Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan. Brennan plays Judge Roy Bean and it is only the picture (and dream) of Miss Lillie Langtry hanging on the wall of the saloon/courtroom to civilize the boozy judge and all that entered his saloon. Just her picture on the wall was enough to get the Judge to sober up, bathe and shave...maybe even to brush his hair and his teeth.

Yes men, women are the civilizing force...and ohhhh the charms we use...Humminahumminahumminahummina...

Jewish Odysseus said...

Nancy, that is the major theme of George Gilder's great book from ~20years ago, "Men and Marriage" (orig published as "Sexual Suicide.") Gilder persuasively argues that what sets apart civilzation from barbarism is the control exercized over young men by the rest of society. Young men are inherently aggressive and sexually restless, so (argues Gilder) competitive capitalism gives them a constructive outlet for their aggression, and marriage gives them a wholesome outlet for their sexuality--but only so long as women keep their panties on until marriage.

Gilder makes a good case that the "traditional"Islamic culture is fatally poisoned by POLYGAMY. A polygamous society gives even more power to wealthy older men than we have in capitalist societies (wealth/security is always attractive to young women), so there is always a nasty imbalance between eligible young brides (few--since rich older men can marry many of them) and young grooms (many).

And can you guess what kind of outlets sexually frustrated young men might turn to in a polygamous society? Why "72 virgins" might seem sooooooo fabulous?

Our little expression, "For every man there is a woman," is mathematically absurd in a polygamous society.

I'm grossly simplifying, but suffice it to say it is a brilliant, well-written book!

Yes, women have indeed civilized us, if we can only return to our classical understanding of that dynamic.

Anonymous said...

The cross has nothing to do with her religion. She infact, isn't Christian. I have seen Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist so called 'hotties' wear a cross. I guess the models/photographers see it as a fashion icon rather than a religious icon. If you dig the internet, you will find pornographers stating that the cross is an essential icon in their props. There was even a memo on the internet stating how an LA porn company actually had a policy of making sure each one of their models wore a cross in at least one of their shoots regardless of the models religion.

And one thing you guys have to understand, Persians are different to Semite-Arabs, Persians were never muslims to begin with, they were Zoroastrians who were forced to convert or face death.

Islam has never sank into the Persian culture and never will. Persians even follow their own calender different to that of other muslims, and everyone in Iran, regardless of religion from Jews, Muslims to Christians celebrate the Persian new year of Nowrouz.

Once I was flying back from Tehran, the minute the captain announced they now are on the Turkish airspace, every single Persian female took of their headscarfs except a few grannies, even the religious ones. Persians deep down, cannot synchronize with the Arab religion of Islam and through out history there is evidence of Iranians trying to twist or bend Islam to a more lenient one, from the Shiite origins and the recent Bahai movement.

The regime in Iran is enforcing Islam upon people, and the evidence of the lack of interest in Islam by the majority of Persians can be seen by case studies from the pre-revolution era. The Islamic regime in Iran is doing its very best to brainwash the next generation into Islamists, but even with this enormous pressure, the young still revolt.

One thing you guys need to differentiate is the difference in Arab and Hebrew genealogy. There are Indo-European Arabs (North Iraq, Syria, Lebanese, Jordan, some Palestinians etc.) and Semite Arabs (Countries south of the Persian Gulf incl. Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.). Indo-European Arabs share the same race as Persians, where as the Semite-Arabs are the original Arabic race (there will always be mixes). Most Jews and Hebrews are far from being Semite and mainly native Israeli's can be said to be Semite. Yassar Arafat is an good example of an Semite and to some extent Ariel Sharon. Sacha Baron Cohen is an good example of an Indo-European. Semites tend to have large lips, uplifted nostrils, round eyes, thick woven scalp hair, fairly hair-less bodies. Indo-Europeans tend to be fairer in skin color, thick/well-defined eye-brows, bowy eye lines, bowy noses, generally hairy with a less thicker hair than Semites.

By saying Arabic, it only indicates an Arab speaking person. Even an Scandinavian genotype can be classified as an Arab so long as he/she natively speaks Arabic. Arabic is not an indicator of race at all. Only half of the Arabs today are estimated to be Semites.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Anon, thanks for the first-hand insights. I can tell you, about a million years ago I was engaged to a lovely Persian girl from Teheran, so I am somewhat familiar with these cultural/historical issues you descibe (and yes, she was Jewish). And it was quite a bizarre, troubling experience to see her passport photo, in which she of course wore a headscarf.

To be honest, I am always leery about evaluating/analyzing groups of people based on such factors as "large lips, uplifted nostrils, round eyes, thick woven scalp hair, fairly hair-less bodies" vs. "fairer in skin color, thick/well-defined eye-brows, bowy eye lines, bowy noses, generally hairy with a less thicker hair." Therefore I respectfully dissent from that portion of your analysis.

Anonymous said...

She is Muslim. Stop analyzing.

Anonymous said...

Many of you are lost, the same way Chloe is, the lady claiming to be a muslim persian. But the truth is, before she is persian or muslim, she is another human being that sometimes feels horney the same way you do, sometimes feels religious the way you do and sometimes is crazy just like you are with no repect to her nationality or religion. The fact that she claims to be persian or muslim, is just a way for her tomake it out there in a society that being whorish is considered being acceptable and normal. She is just another lost being working in the hands of the imperialist companies whom encourage people to become lesbians and whores! Funny that I know chloe in person, and I do not mean to personly attack her, but this is what is really going on in western countries, the loss of integrity and hummanity and transformation to Bi-Sexual beings that think about sex none stop, and think th sex is all the poses.

Chloe Irani nist and thats a fact.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Anon, I'm sincerely sorry you've entirely missed the point of this post, and this blog.

But have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

this girl is gorgeous. I had to look her up and her biography or life story is very interesting. she is not muslim and does not claim to be. she comes from a muslim background. she has no particular religion but is a spiritual person. I found her on myspace.

Anonymous said...

i know chloe and she is a cool person despite what ever her choices sexually, religiously or what ever maybe. i personally have never had the religion discussion with her but i can tell you that she wears the exact same cross necklace all the time and not just for this photo shoot. if you have looked at her myspace or seen her out, you have probably seen her wear it. she is also not full persian either. it could mean a million different things. to the person who says they know her but dont mean to attack her, sorry but it sounds like you are!!!