Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The beautiful thing about anaconda-squeezing the jihadis into tighter and tighter spaces in Iraq is that our boys can then focus ever-greater firepower on those Satanic jackals...A lovely display of fireworks to celebrate the Palin selection--enjoy!

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Nancy Coppock said...

When I watch those guys at work, I rejoice with a sense sadness that the jackals sold their souls for a lie.

Our guys rock hard. I get mad thinking our Democratic Party controlled Congress left these guys high and dry at the beginning of the surge. That is evil anyway you slice it.

Also, never forget that the Democratic Party controlled Congress let the FISA Bill lapse for 83 days. 83 days of inability to listen in on these jackals plotting their evil plans. How many of our precious Marines or Soldiers died or were harmed because we weren't listening in on these evil plotters? Never forget!

Don't confuse jackals with the freedom fighting jackalope!