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UPDATE: THE BAD NEWS--Sure enough, the sick giggling mofos who put the vid up the first time quickly took it down from YouTube.

THE GOOD NEWS: BUT, not before others had copied it, and it has now been RE-posted there, and I have posted here the NEW embed code--1/13/09.

Only one word comes to mind as I read and watch this: UNBELIEVABLE.

Wow. In Germany. Wow.

I read this story at the excellent Gaza war-posting blog, "Muqata," and I was just able to dig up the vid on YouTube...It is obviously the same episode.

Actually, as we say in Court, the same "criminal episode." These German "cops" need to be immediately IDENTIFIED AND PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. It should not be too difficult.

Unless it is against the law in Germany to hang an Israeli flag inside a private residence?

Here is the posting from Muqata:

1:16 AM Received from Muqata Blog Reader in Germany, Sebastian M.

Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel here in my hometown Duisburg (Germany) and to express their solidarity with Hamas. So, my girlfriend and me put two Israel flags out of the windows of our flat in the 3rd floor. During the demonstration which went through our street the police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel. The statement of the police was to de-escalate the situation, because many youth demonstrators were on the brink of breaking into our apartment house. Before this they threw snowballs, knifes and stones against our windows and the complete building. We both were standing on the other side of the street and were shocked by seeing a police officer standing in our bedroom and opening the window to get the flag. The picture illustrate this situation. The police acquiesced in the demands of the mob.

And here is the vid from YouTube--someone needs to download this before it disappears:

I am thinking about establishing the "Duisburg Police Award for Forceful yet Cringing Dhimmitude Beyond the Call of Duty." Maybe have it awarded weekly? Naaaaahhhh, not frequent enough, I'll need to award it at least once a day.

Step One: We need to make sure those "cops" are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period.

Oh, and before I forget: a VERRRYYY loud and heartfelt, "THANK YOU, MY BROTHER!!" for "Sebastian M" of Duisburg, who apparently has more courage and respect for the law in his little finger than does the entire establishment of Duisburg, Germany. Whattadisgrace they are, and what a blessing is he.


Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Hmmm, A knock at the door, German police, confiscating Jewish property, preventing Jews from participating in national discourse, Sounds somehow familiar... can't quite...

Anonymous said...

Those who (obviously) haven't learned from the past are now on the road to repeating it. I'm less shocked at the actions of the two cops in this instance, than I am at the police department and the German Federal Police of Duisberg allowing the "mob" to come to full flower.

As Yaacov says... "Sounds somehow familiar...can't quite..."

Anonymous said...

If Germany becomes the first country to be taken over by the cult of Islam, they may well deserve it.

Anonymous said...

They should be happy that they were not deported and gassed as germany and the rest of europe really acted to change nazism... nnnnnnoooooooootttttttttt

Beema said...

We live on a compound in the Middle East where we now see a Palestinian flag aflying. Wonder what would happen if we hung our own country's flag. Mob rule I suspect.

"Jindar" (display name) said...

Why not just block off the apartment and arrest the violent?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. What happened to "Never Again"?

The more people bend over to appease the insane followers of the cult of murder the worse it's gonna be for EVERYONE who does not fall lockstep with islam. Their goal is world domination and they hate anyone who is not muslim, especially Jews.

England is turning into a muslim ghetto sewer because they cater to these maniacs, until people say NO MORE it will continue.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that directing the anger at the policemen is the moral of this nightmare. They seem just two small players in a bigger drama who perhaps rightly, perhaps wrongly decided to remove the flag. It seems to me that scape-goating them allows the real problem (the one that is far bigger than two cops making a decision in the heat of battle) to be brushed aside while we all argue over what the cops should or should not have done.

Jewish Odysseus said...


Anon #4: That is the whole point, Germany is a country here the rule of la is supposed to be followed above all, yet here are police in their official capacity as law-enforcement effectively serving as AGENTS OF A VIOLENT MOB. AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE, anyway you slice it.

Anon #8: If the polizei are "chust followink orters" [hey Yaacov, here have we heard that before?!], then the ones who GAVE them the orders need to be brought to account. I will bet there are even several violations of those wonderful new "European laws" in this episode--maybe the Mayor of Duisburg can be tried in Brussels?

"I can dream, can't I?

Anonymous said...

One man's muhammed, is another man's sex predator.

PM said...

After all, secular German police has a new motto from last year... "we and Muslims are working with each other"

Anonymous said...

if you want to download that or other flash or non downloadable videos, try this firefox plugin called download helper. then maybe upload it to a non youtube side like blip tv that isn't so touchy about taking stuff down quickly

ballsy move to get the flag up there.

Sounds like the germans are really afraid of the muslims. If they're that afraid stop letting em in.

Anonymous said...

This smells a little suspicious. The people in this apartment put a flag of Israel in a window during the middle of a Hamas demonstration, and then went outside with a video-recording device to catch the reaction.

Was this a symbolic gesture to support Israel, or was this an attempt to provoke a reaction that could be recorded and posted online?

I visited Cologne and Berlin last year, and I was struck by the powerful emotions regarding their past with Israel and Jewish people. If this was an anti-semitic gesture, I do not believe that those feelings are shared by the people or police of the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, i seldom saw a blog with so many ignorant comments. You people have no idea how police duty on demonstration works. All here who complain about the cops here have NO IDEA what they are talking about. If there is an order to deescalate at a demo, then police does what is possible and removing the flag was just pure logic. Same people would have cried if something happened "Why didn´t police did remove it after noticing it, then nothing would have happened". Yes, idiots never die out, sadly.

Anonymous said...

We will surely see more of this in the civilized world as we pander more and more to this psychotic ideology called Islam. It needs to be stopped again, like it was so many times before. All I can say lock and load...

dbspin said...

"Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel here in my hometown Duisburg (Germany) and to express their solidarity with Hamas."

Or perhaps, like hundreds of thousands around the world right now, this 'mob', were protesting Israel's illegal invasion, and 'express(ing) their solidarity' with the victims of Israel's bombing campaign.

Palestinian casualties (in just this particular round of fighting) - 700 (primarily civilian). Israeli casualties (since 2001) from Hamas rocket attacks - 28. Source: BBC News -

Unknown said...

Europe is finished. I left Britain 6 years ago for America and since that time have disowned virtually every single "friend" I had, with a couple of exceptions. The reason is that recent international circumstances have served to expose a terrifying ignorance and evil in people that I previously thought were "nice."

I guess for me the cracks started to appear on 9/11. On that day I was angry and upset beyond words and was cursing Islam as you can imagine. I went over to a friend's house where everyone had gathered, expecting everyone to be as angry as me. To my surprise, they seemed quite nonchalant and calm as if nothing had happened. When the subject did come up, a girl I thought I knew quite well said "well I just think it's fantastic that they can do something like that, to let those greedy capitalist bastards know they're not invincible."

Before 9/11, I never really talked politics with my friends. We were too busy just having fun I guess, politics didn't come into it. Since then I've slowly come to realize that they're ignorant, full of hate, supporters of Marxism, communism, socialism and other forms of state slavery, highly antisemitic to the point of siding with Muslims no matter what they do. Even after London was bombed, they said Britain "deserved it" for being "Bush's poodle" and other such childish nonsense.

They don't seem to be worried that Muslims are devouring their culture, in fact in Muslims they find kindred spirits, someone with which to share their hatred of Jews and Israel. I see the same attitudes expressed on European forums and in the comments left in response to news stories in the European press. It's a left wing mentality which is a stones throw from Nazism - in fact if you browse the archives of the Nazi "Stormfront" forum you will find much anticapitalist sentiment that would feel right at home on any Marxist forum. They hate free economics and blame everything on the capitalism of "greedy Jews," including the "rape of our beautiful European environment by Jewish industrialists."

The far left and the far right are almost indistinguishable and European Jews are about to feel the wrath of their intersection pretty soon. If I were Jewish and I lived in Europe I would seriously think about abandoning the continent - it's finished - and moving to Israel.

Unknown said...

By the way, the response the German police should have given would be to disperse the crowd of savages with tear gas, water cannons (no doubt most of those Muslims could use the bath anyway), tasers, nets and whatever it takes to get scum like that off the street and into jail.

The rule of law is, along with property rights, the cornerstone of any civilization. When the police kowtow to the demands of an angry, lawless mob just to "avoid trouble" they are committing the gravest mistake possible. When you find a crack in a dam, you fill it immediately. If you don't, it's only a matter of time before that crack is a gaping maw, gushing water. From there, the destruction of the entire dam is inevitable.

The actions of the German police in that clip was a perfect example of the cult of pragmatism, the doctrine which says the end always justifies the means, that principles be damned. Pragmatism means the complete breakdown of principles in order to satisfy some trivial consideration on the range of the moment. The German cops had every chance in that situation to assert a higher principle, to insist upon the rule of law, to send an unambiguous message that sub-human savagery will not be tolerated in their country. Instead, they chose to sidestep morality in order to please a mob of animals. The icing on the cake is that by breaking and entering without a warrant or any legal justification, they also defecated all over the rule of law and over property rights - and hence took a hammer and chisel to the very cornerstone of civilization.

I would like to think that the German public would be outraged over this incident, but knowing the left wing pragmatist mentality which pervades in Europe, they'll probably agree with the police that it was worth destroying basic principles in order to stop a few windows being broken. To most Europeans, the end always justifies the means. Hitler filled a similar moral vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, Moishe! I can tell how balanced and insightful it is just by the tag line. Anyway, a free gold mesuzah to whoever can a) take in this page b) discredit it without the ad hominem attacks us Jews usually resort to in such cases and c) still feel like a victimized shtetl dweller.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the Odyssey? Odesseus was a hero because he used geurrilla warfare techniques to destroy another culture, kill all the men, rape then enslave the women and children. He was a compulsive liar, a philandera, and not a particularly nice person. Has the owner of this blog associated Odysseus with Judaism and Israel on purpose or out of ignorance

Anonymous said...

I do not like that scene, where the police takes down the Israeli flag. But on the other hand, it's the police' work to prevent violence. Maybe they were not sure if the could stop the muslim mob in front of the door.

On the other hand (so that makes me having three hands) I remember what the police did to soccer-hooligans when the world-cup was in Germany. After some time of appeasing they followed a strict ZERO-TOLERANCE policy and beat everything down that resisted. Maybe that's what they should have done, instead of taking the flag down.

I'm from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am from Germany and I can assure you that many people here support Israel, but interestingly our politicians and mass media people (especially from the LEFT wing) are only too tearful about the Palestininans. I don't know what their problems are.
Personally, I think policemen don't think much and never in terms of history. They are just drop dead afraid of Muslim violence and are constantly being taught not to provoke it. I do not want to excuse them, I find it unexcusable myself, but in that moment those policemen would have taken down about anything - an Israeli flag, a Christian cross, a Swedish flag with a Cross on it, whatever.
The problem is that Europe is getting islamized by the day and none of the "stupid" citizens understands what the purpose is.
Here in Europe people are either totally uninformed or totally afraid of Muslims and now start being totally afraid of our politicians again when they realize how much support and protection Muslims seem to receive.
Please do not confuse official actions with what German people think or feel.
And don't say we deserve being taken over by Islam. People demonstrating for Israel are Germans, people demonstrating for Hamas are Turks and Arabs. Don't confuse the ordinary citizen with the bunch of ignorant politicians and manipulative left-wing journalists we have here. Also left wing troublemakers waving Palestinian flags are not representative for us.
Keep fighting and lets' hope Europe will join the fight before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I believe the intention of the Duisburg police , to prevent further escalation, is quite evident. Let's not be ridiculous. This discussion is mere sensation/rumour-mongering.

Anonymous said...

I am also a German and can only agree completely to what the Anonymous from Germany said at January 12, 2009 12:08:00 AM.

The task of mass-medias in this country is more and more people's "education" and less and less comprehensive information, which could be called a way of brainwashing. The political "elite" (haha) is drifting to the left, and there is what we call "nazi-cudgel" for everyone giving a none "politically correct" opinion.

So it is very likely that Lark is right, and it is time to leave Europa.

Anonymous said...

i would like to send you a downloaded videocopy of "GERMAN "POLICE" JOIN JEW-HATING MUSLIM MOB"

please contact me under holger danske

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous from just above.
I am a German and I am definitely not a Nazi.
I find that extremely insulting.

Anonymous said...

You all know we still have US forces on ground here in Germany right? Unless they decide to kick us all out...which I see is coming in the near future. *packs bags*

Anonymous said...

We Jews are the chosen people and the world revolves around us. Those that haye us will fall but wqe will continue to exist. In our lifetime we saw nazi Germany and Communist Russia fall. So too will radical Islam be destroyed and we Jews will still be around and walking on their lands and airports as observant Torah Jews. We may be only 13 million people but we are the most powerful people on the world.We are the people of the Torah not the Moslems or Christians. Thats why we are forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi, please note that Germany is currently undergoing a massive change of mind. People start to raise their voices against the muslim crusade they started and also the policemen are tired of not being able to use their gus and sticks against the criminal muslim mob running in our streets. Wait after the elections in germany and you will see that most Germans are on the side of freedom and will stand up against muslim aggression. The problem is, that the people currently cannot stand up and fight against the muslim aggrossors, because europe currently does not stand as one. But have faith, we will be there to kick the stanists out of europe and help Israel to protect itself from the evil force of the child raper !

Anonymous said...

Yes, and a few faithful Christians who have escaped the bloody and cruel Islamification of Europe starting with the conquest of Constantinople and ending with the conquest of Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Benelux and - last but not least - Germany plus all the other European countries still live in caves high up in the North where it is too cold for the wild sons of the Arab desert.

Anonymous said...

someone said ballsy move to put it up there, the son of a bitch was standing on the other side of the road, others in the building were unaware, sort of dick move i think.

Anonymous said...

Please find a german language article on this under

For observing the political outcome of this I recommend

Anonymous said...

SORRY, me and alot of other germans are ashamed about this disgusting action!!! When I saw this I lost my words couldnt say abything more. We feel very deep with you.
We will fight together with you for our jewish/christian civilization!!! best regards

Anonymous said...

Shooting every SOB committing crimes against human life and property (ultimately the same thing)would eventually also "de-escalate" the riots, and they'd be more likely to stay de-escalated. I guess the Germans were on the wrong side to learn what "peace at any price" gets you.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is your believe... your religion, your god will never asked u to do a bad things.. Does the Hindu ask u to do a bad things? does the catholic asked u to do a bad things? does buddha asked u to do a bad things? does the christian asked u to do a bad things? does the islam asked you to do a bad things? this is common sense.. so WTF the Jews is doing to this world??
Amaricans.. who is behind your politics? who is controlling your economy? who is the master of the puppets?.. and after what had happen to your collapsed economy.. u still havent learnt yet..

Anonymous said...

The video vanished, but we got a copy of it. Read this in the meantime:

pivatana said...

The 4.Reich is looming!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry, the video has been taken down - we need a downloadable copy to press charges against the duisburg police here in germany. can anyone advise where it is still uploaded?
many thanks,

Anonymous said...

If you can re-lo9cate the video, please contact me at:

Anonymous said...

Ich frage mich, ob es in einer Polizeiführung, die das gewaltsame Eindringen in eine Wohnung und die Entfernung des Davidsterns am Fenster angeordnet hat, noch das geringste politische Gespür gibt. Ein solcher ungeheuerlicher Vorgang kann ja nicht ohne den historischen Kontext gerade in Deutschland bewertet werden.

Das wirft die besorgte Frage auf, welches Bildungsniveau wird hier zu Lande bei Polizeiführern und ihren Pressesprechern vorausgesetzt?
Zitat: „Der Sprecher der Duisburger Polizei, Ramon van der Maat, verteidigte auf NRZ-Anfrage das Vorgehen der Polizei und machte dem Besitzer der Wohnung den Vorwurf, er habe „nur provozieren” wollen.“

Es war dem gegenüber das gute Recht der Bewohner am Demonstrationsweg an ihrem Fenster friedlich "Flagge zu zeigen", mit Zivilcourage ein stummes Zeichen der Solidarität mit Israel zu setzen. Dieses verfassungsmäßig verbriefte Recht auf Gegenmeinung zu den Demonstranten kann nicht irgendwelchen opportunistischen oder "polizeitaktischen" Gesichtspunkten untergeordnet und zur Disposition gestellt werden. Und erst recht muss sich ein solcher engagierter Bürger, der friedlich durch das Zeigen eines ehrenwerten Symbols seine Sympathie mit Israel zeigt, nicht polizeilich als Provokateur diffamieren lassen!

Gelten jetzt friedliche Gegendemonstranten aus polizeilicher Sicht grundsätzlich als Provokateure? Die polizeiliche Sprachregelung zur Rechtfertigung ihres rechtswidrigen Handelns, das zu Recht weltweite Empörung und Verachtung auslöst, bedarf der Relativierung durch den zuständigen und politisch verantwortlichen Innenministers Dr. Ingo Wolf. Doch dort bevorzugt man lieber die Tauchstation. Verantwortlich für staatliches Handeln – das haben die Bürger inzwischen gelernt – ist in diesem Staat kein Verantwortlicher. Sonderbar: Aus dem parteiübergreifenden politischen Raum ist zu diesem Skandal bisher auch kein Wort zu hören. Es herrscht eine ungewohnte Stille in der sonst ununterbrochenen Laberflut von politischen Banalitäten. Wann kommen die ersten Stellungnahmen aus den Landtagsfraktionen? Oder soll hier eine Ungeheuerlichkeit in parteipolitischer Kumpanei ohne Folgen bleiben?

Der polizeiliche Rückzug, die wohlfeile Kapitulation der Staatsgewalt vor „muslimischen Mitbürgern, die emotional oft schnell in Fahrt geraten“, wirft eine weitere Frage auf: Wird künftig der von Muhlas fanatisierte Mob zum Maßstab des polizeilichen Handelns? Wer in Deutschland sein gutes Demonstrationsrecht wahrnehmen will, der hat zu respektieren, dass es im öffentlichen Raum der Demonstration auch Menschen mit anderen Meinungen, Symbolen und Religionen gibt. Das ist das Wesen einer pluralistischen Gesellschaft, in der ich auch weiterhin leben möchte.

Wer die Spielregeln der Pluralität in unserem Land aus religiösen und anderen Gründen nicht einhalten will, dem muss hier auch das Demonstrationsrecht versagt werden. Punkt.

Das Vorgehen der Polizei bei der Entfernung der Flagge ist ein Armutszeugnis für eine wehrhafte Demokratie! Die Bevölkerung wartet auf politische und rechtliche Konsequenzen.
Solidarität mit Israel!

Jewish Odysseus said...


Thanks to "Holger Danske" [see his comment above], the vid HAS been downloaded at:

This is exactly the kind of "triangulating" that I was praying we could accomplish, to make sure the guilty are punished. GO GET 'EM!!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Oh, and I've been very busy today, but I had to say: Anyone who puts down the German people in a blanket way for this criminal episode needs to remember:

1--The great bulk of these violent thugs appear to be immigrants.

2--It was Germans who put up that Israeli flag in a gesture of SOLIDARNOSC.

We need to keep focused on who is the enemy here, and not get distracted by in-fighting, but rather expand our SOLIDARNOSC and our united front.

Attaching legal responsibility on this officer or his superiors will be a huge first step.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim appeasing policies of USA and West Europe will be their undoing. What prevents you from purging Muslims altogether. Surely you have the wherewithal! The West has become too soft for its own good. And lets forget the liberals, intelligentia till the job is done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No one should be catering to Muslims as all, as their demands are never ending.

American Muslims, no different from the rest.

Anonymous said...

First of all: I am a German. And I feel absolutely ashamed for that!
And I am not alone, as you can see in the Duisburg´s police Chat here:
(written in German, but believe me: Not only one single Statement there is agreeing with those Cops! NOT ONE! Except one Arabian Asshole...

But: B4 you start blaming the German people, please be so kind to accept the fact, that 99% of the native German ppl are highly offended by the things happened there!

Me, as a German guy, highly respecting Israel, our responsibility for the Jweish ppl around the world, and especially in Israel, beg for your HELP! Our Politicians, the leading ppl at all, are assholes.
They think, appeasement is the right way. The muslims are becoming more and more powerful in G, because our Elite wants them here to destroy the "German nature". They hate their own ppl!!!

We need your help, as much as we would have needed it b4 Hitler! We are not mighty enough to stop our politicians!

We are a democracy? Haha!

When it comes to votes, we can decide between several parties, which are ALLLLL! Pro-Muslim. More or less. And antisemitism, also more or less.

When a party is founded, which wants to stop that, they are immediately declared as "racists", "Nazis" and so on. And become forbidden.

Please, World! Help us! We are not bad ppl. But totally helpless!

Officially: HELP!!!!! Please!
99% of us are good ppl. But the 1% are the ppl. in charge!

Pls forgive me my bad English. I hope you catch my point anyway!

Anonymous said...

First of all: I am a German. And I feel absolutely ashamed for that!
And I am not alone, as you can see in the Duisburg´s police Chat here:
(written in German, but believe me: Not only one single Statement there is agreeing with those Cops! NOT ONE! Except one Arabian Asshole...

But: B4 you start blaming the German people, please be so kind to accept the fact, that 99% of the native German ppl are highly offended by the things happened there!

Me, as a German guy, highly respecting Israel, our responsibility for the Jweish ppl around the world, and especially in Israel, beg for your HELP! Our Politicians, the leading ppl at all, are assholes.
They think, appeasement is the right way. The muslims are becoming more and more powerful in G, because our Elite wants them here to destroy the "German nature". They hate their own ppl!!!

We need your help, as much as we would have needed it b4 Hitler! We are not mighty enough to stop our politicians!

We are a democracy? Haha!

When it comes to votes, we can decide between several parties, which are ALLLLL! Pro-Muslim. More or less. And antisemitism, also more or less.

When a party is founded, which wants to stop that, they are immediately declared as "racists", "Nazis" and so on. And become forbidden.

Please, World! Help us! We are not bad ppl. But totally helpless!

Officially: HELP!!!!! Please!
99% of us are good ppl. But the 1% are the ppl. in charge!

Pls forgive me my bad English. I hope you catch my point anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for triple post :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the last post.
We, the Germans, are not bad. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Helpless. Not able, to say hiw it really is. I understand. if ppl are afraid about a new German Nazism. But really: We are a peaceful country.

I am 35 yo, I have NOTHING 2 do with WW2, and I am a peaceful guy.

Muslim strategy is to devide the western world into several partys. Hating each other. Don´t be a fool, believing them! Please!

I have tears in my eyes. I really do. Don´t blame us. Please. We do not deserve this!

Anonymous said...

@Aonnimous: I really hope that it will not come to that! If you want to fight against Germany, you will need nuclear weapons.
Otherwise you will loose.
Thats not what I want! Do you?

We need the help of the world! Now. Not a war, which noone can win!
Germany has got nuclear weapons in a couple of days, if nessesary!
So what? We are the FOUNDER!!! of that technology!

No! We need your help! Not your destruction!


I love the world, the ppl in it! What will happen, worstcase? US and others would execute strikes on Germany. We would anwer nuclear...

And then, of course! German ppl would support our forces against our "Enemies". But: YOU! are NOT our true enemy!!!!!!
Muslims are!
HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not by declaring war on us, that would be a bad idea. HELP!!! us.

Anonymous said...

Then I miunderstood that!

I guess u are a German, too?

If yes, then I agree
: We WILL have a civil war in Germany. Yes, we will.

And I will give my life for the freedom of my daughter (she is 9).
If someone asks her to wear a full-body-condom (BUrqa) I personally will start a civil war. You can be certain of that!

I swear I will!

Nobody will harm her! As long as I live!
And yes. I would also fight for Jews like that!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "Lest we forget"

I just don't know how to stop this, my country (nz) seems to be sleepwalking into the same nightmare of submission as Europe and England have.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I am german too, islamophobic "by nature" and ashamed about what happened in Duisburg.

This incident is simply unbelievable and has to be subject to thorough investigation.

God bless Israel.


Anonymous said...

I am NOT ashamed for being a German. I don't live in the 3rd Reich but now.
And I feel this being ashamed to be a German, to be ashamed to be a European, to be ashamed to be a Christian (because of the crusaders) etc. going on forever plays some role in how we cannot stop the Muslim conquest being brought to our country.
When I went to kindergarten complaining that a 6 year old Albanian boy was regularly beating up my 3 year old daughter and my 4 year old son is being threatened for eating ham sandwiches by a gang of Turkish girls I was branded an "Ausländerfeind" (foreigner-hater) which means something similar to Nazi in the context.

Anonymous said...

Iam not ashamed beein German either.
Why i should be ashamed?

The only we should be ashamed for is that we let the muslims take the controll our Country and that the Left Winged Fashismn getting more Voice to hear over here.

And Yes its strange that Jewish Germans are voting for the Left Winged Communist Fashists .

I hope the German Jews notice now that they was thinking completly wrong at all.

and to the other anonymous , nobody of us will convert , do you understand ? Are you crazy to think about such things , we will fight the Muslims down someday you will see.

The most People in Europe are sick of the Muslim Imigrants and want them to leave our Countrys

Anonymous said...

Hey John dont talk....
nobody of us licking muslims boots , only our politics.

Bye the way in England it is the same ... no, the truth is that in England its much worser than in Germany.

Unknown said...

Yes that is very shit germany .
The chief Bush that kills al theese poor fanatic islamic children.
But you get never see what muslim get to their eyes . If you wanna show the hate parols from the islamic world in german forums or TV or radio you are a killjoy-member.
We had to change rules here just for muslim people .
We have to need it .

Unknown said...

To the Anonymous Coward that cursed the existence of Israel and celebrates her impending death:

You are destined to die slowly and in terrible pain, knowing that the Jews you despise will be treading this earth long after your miserable existence has been lost to oblivion.

As for your allotted virgins making up for your sexual repression in this life, I wouldn't place too much faith in those that have led you by the nose into stunning ignorance, either.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2009-01-11 2:10PM:

ISLAM translates to submission, not peace.

Arabic 'islām, submission, from 'aslama, to surrender, resign oneself

The liar is you.

Anonymous said...

John Scanlon, if you are a Brit, be ashamed of yourself for what you are sayoing about the Germans!
Political Correctness and its ghastly dhimmitude has gone so far in UK (where I have lived for more than a year) that it was one reason for me to leave the country!
I wanted to hear church bells again.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above me heheh

Forget about that john guy he is talking about stuff withouht any knowledge.

He is talking about our beutifuly country without knowing anyhting about germany and us germans. so forget about him he is only a sucker.

Anonymous said...

I am German, too. Maybe the two police officers were wrong to take down this flag. Maybe they were simply not strong enough to protect the house against the islamic mob... Anyway, I am not ashamed to be German!

Why should the Muslims be able to take over Germany, Israel, the UK or any other civilized country? In all these countries they are a large minority, true. But in all these countries they are also the uneducated, lowest class of society and will always be, as Mohammad himself also was extremely uneducated. They simply do not have the capacity to assume power.

There are two very good ways to destroy the evil ideology of Islam: first, tell everybody the truth about islam (as found e.g. in and second, have as many well-behaved, courageous and educated children as possible.

If you do this, we will finally witness... the complete worldwide collapse of Islam.

George van Popta said...

As a Canadian, I wonder how long it will be before that kind of hatred is seen on our streets.

Anonymous said...

I cleaned up the video as best I could (cell phones do crappy video) and added text.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

Now I am truly frightened.

It IS happening - again....

Perhaps this explains why England and France abstained from the vote at the UN today: both were cowed from casting a vote in support of Israel's right to protect its civilians, afraid of thier own 'ethnic minority's' violence!

That is what happens when police restrain the victim instead of stopping criminal behaviour. 'Battered wife' syndrome on a nation-scale! Appease the wife-beater and hope he does not hit you tonight!

Anonymous said...

i am european with german background as well as others.

let me clarify a few things:

radicalists on any side -
are scumbags.

people who carry out their issues in my country are scumbags.

go to israel and demonstrate there, and jews - please do the same.

putting up the flag in the first place, was clearly a provocation
and putting all those other appartment renters at risk too.

taking it down is certainly a more reasonable measure for de-escalation a conflict we have no stakes in, than wasting tax money on 200 more cops to restrain the other idiot-demonstrants.

other european countries have very strong regulations about what flags you are allowed to present to the public. it is evern regulated on which day youre allowed to rise the national flag, and so on. of course an intelligent person would know that.

it is just more fun to bash against "the germans", go for it.

we germans are soon beyond care
my generation has nothing to do with the holocaust, and i have many jewish friends.

hamas is a terror organisation
they are not allowed to demonstrate in germany.

the german "verfassungsshutz" is closely watching all islamic organisations.

so this demonstration was not a
"hamas" demo, because the hamas
doesnt exist in germany.

we tend to deal with terrorists.

demonstrating is a civil right
and we even allow jews to do it

it just needs to be announced to the officials - the flag was not announced, it was also a clear provocation as it was put up in the moment of a different demo.

so - 99% of the posters here
are morons.

jewish israel was founded on a lake of blood, blood which not the germans have spilled.

the bible says "whom is w/o fault is to throw the first rock"

now... go ahead, and throw rocks you innocent angels.

i am atheist, all pain is inflicted in the name of religion.

i believe in science.

avles said...

Pardon, I forgot:

The Unhived Mind site

>>> WORLD CONTROL >>> The Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order):

"Barry Chamish's revelations and predictions, Regarding Israel and Gaza":

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Anonymous said...

3 animated gifs

Anonymous said...

I would like to say, that the most people in Germany are also shocked. Many newspapers etc posted articles about it.
Personally I hope that there will be consequences for the responsible police chief etc.

mississippimud2007 said...

I will copy the video and post it on my blog and on clipser. It's 1938 all over again, this is not acceptable. The world said never again, KEEP THAT PROMISE.

cruXsader said...

'Fight fire with fire' - - (in preventing a fire from spreading) - from 'The Firefighters of America Basic Manual"

Jewish Odysseus said...

I never imagined such an outpouring about this post and vid but I wd like to make a few points:

1) The whole purpose of this post was to encourage and facilitate a thorugh investigation and a firm, legal response to what surely appears gross misjudgment by the police in Duisburg, if not actual criminal activity under German laws. I believe we have succeeded in exactly that.

A few people have defended the judgment of the police, and one person here claimed there are laws in Germany that prohibit what "Sebastian M" did. I have confidence that a thorough investigation by responsible German authorities and judges can almost immediately determine who was breaking the law, and who was not. I'm not a German lawyer, so I don't know. But I have my suspicions.

2) I was heartened to learn that this episode has caused an uproar in Germany, along with much sincere soul-searching. Let us hope it leads to some much-needed revisions in German law-enforcement techniques, or for that matter German laws.

3) As I tried to make clear from the beginning, I did not intend to get into a German-bashing fiesta, based on Holocaust history. I have no reason to think "Sebastian M" was Jewish, and his gesture was both brave and well-thought out. I know there are millions of Germans who stand in solidarity with Israel and against the jihad and Eurabia, as he did, and it is both pointless and immoral for some to act as if they don't exist, and blast Germans in general.

That being said, I can only hope that these Germans redouble their efforts to shove Germany back onto a pro-freedom path, one they have drifted from for several decades.

4) As for the Jew-haters and America-haters and their unwelcome [here] childish rantings: like spitballs off a battleship, baby, spitballs off a battleship.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable, except this has to be believed because it just happened and its so very real and proves that history always repeats its self. OF all the countries in the world this would happen I cant believe its Germany...Again!! After seeing this I am in no doubt Germany will fall to the Muslims. German people should be storming to their government offices demanding an end to this suicidal PC political landscape and the police chief who ordered the break in and removal of the flag should be immediately dismissed. If the revolution ever comes I just hope there are enough Europeans willing to fight for their own existence but I fear most Europeans have been so feminised, brainwashed, stripped of their identity and dumbed down they simply lie down, roll over without a word or action of protest

Europes only hope in the future is crazy as that sounds to many (hence the brainwashing) Russians are reminded and take jeed of their recent history when they nearly lost everything to the Nazis. Im very glad we have a strong and getting stronger Russia which may be the last stand for whites across Europe against the fanatic Muslim hordes. If earth ever became run by Muslims do any of us believe humankind would survive. Nope, they would destroy us all after setting mankind back 1300 years in to the dark ages...and for any who think the dark ages means running around in horses and cart then think again. It means a life of total mysery filled with slavery, death and destruction on a global scale perpetrated by those nut job Muslims. If your white your life will be worthless and for many it simply wont be worth living..suicide will be massive. This is what the Elite are bringing forth to use, Im sure they know it and for what reason they wish to destroy the West Im not sure. Perhaps its their X Ray spec multicoloured vision of integration...but no I suspect their greed and ambitions of power knows no bounds...but even they will not be immune to the Muslims hate....within 20 years Europe will be lost forever.

Anonymous said...

I think most posters are misinterpreting this.
This is not a return to Fascist Germany.
Germany today is different place, an ageing, increasingly impotent society full of self doubt and desperately wishing to avoid conflict.
I think the two cops were just using their initiative to defuse the situation.
As for the last poster who put his hopes in Russia!--- forget it! the demographic decline of the Slavic Russian people is even worse than Germany. They have realised long ago, grudgingly perhaps that they ahcve to compromise and accept their growing Muslim population.

Bull Moose said...

You people on here are sick
1. You are calling Germans genocidal pigs and yet you are advocating wiping Muslims out of existence.
2. Russia is not the best bet for Jews, Russia is possibly the most anti-semitic country outside of the Arab world, how easily you forget the pogroms of the early
20th century. There was fear that Medvedev was Jewish as that might have set off anti-semitic violence in Russia.
3. Have you no concept of history past 1933, England, Poland, France, Russia, Romania, Hungary, USA are all countries that have expelled, denied asylum, or eliminated Jewish people.
4. Again you sick bastards are talking about destroying 30 million Muslims! Because you don't agree with their religon, you can dish it out but when you get a taste of your own medicine your tone changes a little.

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giemmevi said...

Quite shocking to read all those comments full of hate.

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