Sunday, January 18, 2009


From Libertaddigital, via those stalwart lads at Muqata--translated excerpts provided by Jewish Odysseus:

Some 3,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Madrid in defense of Israel, "against the lie and against terrorism"...Many of the demonstrators carried the flags of Spain, Israel, and multi-colored signs for peace.

Socialist Party assemblyman Juan Antonio Ruiz Castillo "read a declaration defending Israel, to which a group of the demonstrators responded, "Tell that to your boss."
(Spain's President, Socialist Jose Luis Roberto Zapatero, long-time supporter of Arab terror from Baghdad to Gaza City.--J.O.)

The president of the Spain-Israel Solidarity Association, Fernando Alvarez...declared that, "in the Near East there is a European border, in which democracy is defended, and that's why we demonstrate here." Speaking about the [pro-Hamas] demonstration last Sunday, he said "It looked more like the slums of Khartoum than Madrid."

The legendary Spanish artist Goya created a fabulous image of his country as an awakening giant, preparing to shake off Napoleon's forces...Could this be a new moral awakening for Espana? Let us pray!

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