Friday, January 9, 2009


Israel's liquidation of Hamas is now 15 days in. Many thousands of tons of bombs and missiles have been dropped on urban areas via Israeli Air Force plane and helicopter, tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers have surged across Gaza, and Israeli ships have bombarded targets from the coast...And yet something is missing. Yes, missing. You know what it is, don't you?

GENOCIDE!! Where is it? Or at least "massacre"? Where is that fervent phony idiot-game outrage that we always see rocketing around the world for THAT ONE PARTICULARLY HORRENDOUS ZIONIST CRIME??!!

We remember them..."Saabra and Shatillah! (1982).. Qana! (1996)....Jenin! (2002)...Beirut! (2006)" There is always that one last straw that deflates Israel's supporters and inflames her enemies. But not this time...Why not?

I knew something was up the very first day, when it was reported by the Al-P, of all sources: "Gaza health official Dr. Moaiya Hassanain said at least 280 people were killed, including 183 members of Hamas' uniformed security forces. It was not clear how many of the others were gunmen or civilians."

My goodness, that was a helpful Arab Doctor! Carefully documenting that 183 of the 280 dead were "uniformed" Hamas forces! Where were candid doctors like that in the previous conflicts? And subsequent comments from other normally Jew-hating sources, like the UN, have consistently reported a level of Arab "military" casualties in the range of 70%-80%.

That is a STAGGERINGLY high proportion of accurate hits in any conflict, even more so in a largely urban environment where the enemy is using civilians as shields. By way of comparison, the US invasion of Panama in 1989 to depose Noriega killed about 50%/50% Panamanian civilians/military (according to the US military). Russia's wars (1994-2004) in and around Grozny (Chechnya) have killed about 75%/25% civilians/military. Saddam Hussein's wars against the Kurds and the Shia, or Sudan's wars against the Christians or in Darfur...well, those are just too embarassing to even ask about. Maybe 2% of the dead are actual combatants.

Can it be that Israel's accuracy has dramatically just 2 years since the 2d Lebanon War? Has their targetting intel been THAT unusually superior? Against an enemy that has only been in power for 17 months?

No, no, NOOOOOO.

Maahhhh friends, this "new accuracy" just goes to show how thoroughly the Arab and Pallywood and leftist media have utterly BAMBOOZLED THE WORLD every time Israel has smacked these jihadi rats. Nooo, what is different today is THE AGENDA OF THOSE DOCTORS...Those political hack doctors.

Dr. Hassanain, like other educated people in Gaza, is happy to soberly describe the accuracy of Israel's planes this go-round...SO THEY WILL KEEP IT UP. He probably wants Hamas to be gone ten times as much as any elementary school teacher in Sderot. So he is happy, FOR THE FIRST TIME, to indirectly confirm the accuracy of Israel's forces. Hell, if he tries to spread rumors about a "Gaza massacre," who knows, Hamas may survive! And we can't have that...

And the UN officials, who still get orgasms recalling Arafat's pistol-packin' 1974 speech, are happy to follow suit..."Maybe we can get those fine Fatah fellows back in there..." And the lamestream media morons dutifully parrot the party line, too.

For those of us interested in truth, we need to keep this in mind when we are treated in the future (as we know we will) to more "IzzraAAYYLI massacre" fables. Remember: Israel has always targeted military assets,and ONLY military assets, with incredible care and precision. Always has, and always will.