Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After weeks of shamelessly shilling for a broken down phony lamestream Republican, Newsmax has wound up with egg on its face with the humiliating loss of Bill McCollum to Rick Scott. With a motley crew of FL coat-holders and clueless national figures (Et tu, Michael Reagan?) united to drag him across the finish line, Mr. McCollum was stymied by a man who actually earned money in the private sector for his entire adult life, and by voters who didn't buy the preposterous idea that Bill "I was against the AZ immigration law before I was for it" McCollum, a man whose only job "outside" of government was as a lobbyist, was a principled conservative.

The fact is, with the Scott victory, Florida is approaching a "perfect storm" favoring the GOP in November. The dynamic between Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, their energized conservative voters and the down-ballot races threatens to create an unprecedented statewide debacle for Florida dhimms! (and look for Newsmax to develop amnesia about its gag-reflex shilling and end up adoring Rick Scott).

You read it here first! [10:30 EST]

(BTW, my county went for Rick Scott by 53-38, heheh.)

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GM Roper said...

Jumping Jehosephat, You mean that McCollum told a fib? Hard to believe isn't it?