Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Good-bye, Joe Sestak! Adios, Ted Strickland! Sayonara, Alex Giannoulias, and Free-Speech Thief Russ Feingold! So-long, Ron Klein, we're glad to see you go!

Speaking of Cong. Klein, and the thumping defeat inflicted on him by Genuine American Hero Allen West, it was awaaaayyyy back on August 24 that right here, I personally predicted a Florida landslide for the Repubs...as many of the establishment boys were whining that the primary victory of outsider RICK SCOTT for Governor would doom the GOP here in Florida. FEAR NOT, I wrote:

"The fact is, with the Scott victory, Florida is approaching a "perfect storm" favoring the GOP in November. The dynamic between Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, their energized conservative voters and the down-ballot races threatens to create an unprecedented statewide debacle for Florida dhimms!...You read it here first!"

Well, so what happened here in the Sunshine State? RICK SCOTT--WIN. MARCO RUBIO--LANDSLIDE. ALLEN WEST--BIG WIN. Plus, no less than 19 GOP wins in 25 Congressional seats. Plus, all Constitutional offices won by Repubs. Oh, and the biggest GOP majorities in the State House since the 19th century...

"Don't doubt me."

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