Friday, January 9, 2009


Is it my imagination or does this Israeli captain sound much scarier because he's speaking Arabic? And doesn't it appear that the actual rhetoric he is using is much more in-your-face confrontational than when Israeli spokesmen make "stern warnings" in English?

One thing is clear: He. Aint. Playin.

A VERY effective vid.


Anonymous said...

Lol, he does sound scary, but no offense brother, so does Hebrew. >.< And German for that matter. Very scary sounding, German is.

SC&A said...

Beautiful. Like poetry.

When reason and rationality won't work...

Jewish Odysseus said...

No offense taken, JD, but even the SUBSTANCE of what Capt. Adraee said seems more menacing, and clear. I have NEVER seen an IDF spokesman say in English, "We will not allow Hamas to set the parameters of this conflict," which is a VERY key phrase here.

As I say, a very effective vid.

Anonymous said...

Old Mo and his faithful sidekick allah should really be proud. . .Arab muslims are nothing but a bunch of chickenshits.

Hiding behind women and children. They act like children, coming out from between mothers legs to taunt the neighborhood kids and then retreating behind her when someone comes to challenge them.

Yeah, children like this really bring terror. I hope Israel kills EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Israel, I stand with you!
Paul Troon