Tuesday, January 5, 2010



We read in Exodus that God himself hardened the heart of Pharaoh against releasing the Hebrew slaves, in order that his ultimate defeat would be that much more crushing. In the modern era, it appears that God is hardening the heart of the Prime Minister of Israel, to the point of self-destructive madness.

The Judean home pictured above, built by the Ben David family 2 years ago, was destroyed by Israeli insecurity forces in November. The Ben Davids replaced it with a mobile home a few weeks ago. The result?

Police swarmed down on the Ben-David family home in Negohot, in southern Judea, in the wee hours of Monday morning, forced out the parents and six small children, and wrecked their home for the second time in several weeks.

"They cut the electricity and told us to move out,” Yehudit Ben-David told Israel National News. She said that she asked for a flashlight in order to wake up the children and dress them for the cold nighttime temperatures. Instead, the police barged in and began moving the little furniture that was in the wooden home before a bulldozer, belonging to an Arab, leveled the home - as well as two others.

The Ben-Davids, a founding family of Negohot, had built the small wooden home in the same place where police destroyed their former home, which was built with their life-savings. They began moving into their new home several days ago.

Yehudit explained that her family returned to the same site to rebuild, despite fears that police would demolish it, because the land, where they tend a vineyard, belongs to Jews. Two other wooden buildings, one belonging to another family, and a tent also were demolished .

With "leadership" like this (this makes at least 7 consecutive Israeli governments going back to 1990 that have been sub-pathetic), it is increasingly clear that the only reason Israel survives today is that God wants it to. 'Cause it sure isn't because of wise decisions and actions by its governments.

Righteous Knesset Member Arieh Eldad voiced the only appropriate reaction to this outrage, though in referring to Defense Minister and professional Israel-weakener Ehud Barak, he needlessly exonerated Netanyahu: “Defense Minister [Ehud Barak], who lives in his lofty penthouse, apparently has no moral problem with ordering the police to expel a family with six children from their home in the name of the law.”

[Eldad] emphasized that an illegal foreign worker recently was discovered working in Barak's home and that he has used government money to stay at expensive hotels in Paris that cost more than $1,000 a night. “Barak has nothing to teach the people of Israel about upholding the law,” according to MK Eldad. "When accounts are settled we will remember his despicable actions at Negohot.”

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