Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Democrap spin on this is that it was an accident, Meehan tried to help him up, McCormack has no hard feelings...Bullsh!t.

"Let's go to the tape." The figures are hard to pick apart, but look at .02-.03 at the figure in the middle with his right hand up (for his microphone or tape recorder)--that is McCormack. He is the one speaking out loud to Croakley, who is blocked to us, but off to the right.

Croakley, remember, is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer ("Attorney General") of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Notice at .03-.05, a larger figure (Meehan) to the right of McCormack starts edging toward him, shunting him to the left. AT .05-.06, YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THIS FIGURE SHOVE MCCORMACK HARD WITH HIS LEFT ARM. (battery #1) Because there are some steel separators on the sidewalk, McCormack falls over one of them (.07)(had McCormack suffered a serious injury, this could have been AGGRAVATED BATTERY, a felony).

You see the large shover then pretend to help McCormack up, but notice he is constantly holding McCormack, then moving himself in McCormack's way as McCormack continues to try to follow Croakley. This belies Meehan's preposterous excuse that he was "trying to help him up, make sure he wasn't hurt," please pass the barf bag. At .15, Meehan grabs McCormack to stop him from continuing (battery #2, assuming we give Meehan a pass for the "helpful holding" a few seconds earlier).

Don't forget, Martha Croakley is "the Attorney General" of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The action goes off camera for about 12 seconds, but when we come back, Meehan is practically molesting McCormack, and all but pushes him through a storefront window (.27-.34) to prevent him from following Croakley (battery #3).

We get a different angle of the now-famous still-photo of Croakley witnessing the action--ooops, I mean "not witnessing the action"--at .08.-.14 though you really have to watch for it, she's such a dark, shrewish figure. Notice the multi-flash at .09, that is probably that very photo being taken.

Did I mention that that Martha Croakley, who managed to not witness 3 separate batteries committed within 3 yards of her in a 25 second span on a well-lit street, is "the Attorney General" of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

My brothers and sisters in Massachusetts, land of my birth and youth, you have GOT to do the right thing this tuesday!!


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