Sunday, January 17, 2010


Brother John Jay at "Winter Soldier, Summer Patriot," has just posted a superb series of articles eviscerating the latest Eurabian suicide attempt via Muslim mass immigration, here. John is a freedom fighter of the first order, and a relentless analyst, not to mention an always-willing advisor on the best way to use a personal firearm (in self-defense, of course. Of course!)

If our republic had a few dozen more men of "jj"'s calibre, our Islamic enemies wd have been humanely annihilated years ago, and the world wd be an infinitely more peaceful, creative, and joyful place.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear Odysseus, as I can find no way to reply to the interesting post by jj on euro-med, I will make a brief comment here.
Yes, the islamic invasion is to crush English culture, history, way of life,Judaeo-Christian ethics and morals. the stalinists in charge in Europe, Brown, Merkel are full of hatred towards ordinary people: they have a lot in common with muslims.So yes, they want to destroy nationalism, they want the VOTES of the muslims, which can be easily garnered: just tell the various mosque leaders who to vote for and they tell all their people- women do as their told. Muslims, you will find, are the highest unemployed group in England; they refuse to work if they cant pray 5 times a day. Together with OTHER EUROPEANS, they completely out number English people in some areas.The Gov is using muslims to keep the native population in check.
Then, there is this article I read in Financial Times Weekend 16/17 Jan 10, titled "The man who named the future." I have briefly discussed this on my blog, but this articles underpins jj about de-development. Jim O'Neill, economist named in article, is marxist to core, works for Golden Sacks, is very close to Gordon Brown( He took over at GS from Gavyn Davis, whose wife runs Brown's campaigns etc.

john jay said...


thanks for the laudatory remarks, ... , if only i deserved them.

juniper in the desert:

i find it odd that the europeans do not take umbrage over the rather naked attempt by their leftist masters to replace them with muslims.

it is all so odd.

english and european people made europe into a standard bearer of freedom, intellect, enterprise and enlightened politics.

now the left schemes to replace you with a people, ... , shall we say, decidedly less accomplished in all of those attributes, and decidedly savage in some.

the irony, the sad oh so predictable irony of all of this, is that when the immigrant contract killers shall have annihilated the europeans they shall simply turn on their "masters" the euro leftist elites, and kill them as well.

it is all so tiresomely predictable.

yet, why do the euro elites not see the "end game" of this whole silly scheme, the scheme that they initiate.

yet, why do the europeans not rise up, throw off their imagined shackels and throw out the politicians who betray them, and cast the muslims from their shores?


not much of a hardy band of brothers across the pond, in my estimation. way too damned civil for their own good.

john jay

Juniper in the Desert said...

John Jay, everything you say is correct.They will turn on them. In fact you are being polite: it is nazism with internet and nuclear technology. In europe we are eaten up with a sort of decadence like the weimar republic. My family already went through this twice, once fleeing from polish pogroms, 2nd time WW2.
Dear God what dont they understand?
"We are going to kill all non-muslims."
I have close relations who live in Seattle and am making plans. This year is going to be definative.

Poor brave Geert Wilders is on trial tomorrow.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Odysseus and JJ, I forgot to say, here we are unable to defend ourselves, we will be sitting ducks.

In America at least we will be able to defend ourselves, with your advice.