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My gaaawwwwwd, Stuart Schwartz posted an awesome piece here at the American Thinker (h/t to Larwyn the Great) demolishing that faux intellectual par excellence, David Brooks, the NYT's faithful "conservative" butler. Every sentence of Mr. Schwartz's article shimmers with insights, and the effect is something like a fight in the Batman show: "POW!! SOCK!! KABOOOM!" And by the end all that is left are Davey-boy's shoes, with smoke wisping out of them.

But even those smoking shoes are subsequently pulverized, burned, and smashed with shovels by the happy warrior commenters at AT, and as a public service I have listed some of the more memorable comments here. As you read them, just remember: it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Further, Brooks' "History" degree from UofC couldn't manage to grant him the knowledge of this Nation, or its Founding Principles that is grasped almost innately by the so-called "UN-Educated" that Brooks disdains. In short, David Brooks is merely your totally average, unimportant, eminently forgettable, oh-so-typical arrogant leftist jackass.

Brooks is the poster boy for intellectual idiots.

I'm sure some twit like Brooks would consider himself the intellectual superior to someone like my father simply because my father lives in a rural part of the country. However, my dad was on the Apollo launch team and has works on the Library of Congress. I would love to see the two have a conversation. Brooks would be shown as the fake intellectual "elite" that he is. We don't have kings here in the US, and we don't have an "elite" anything. As an educated, thinking US citizen, I reject the idea entirely, and so do most Americans except partisan toadies and deluded halfwits.

But it seems to me that the sad joke is on David Brooks; he is a token, a punk and a shoe shine boy for the Liberal intellectual elite. Like the character in Goodfellas, he is Spider at the Liberal card game. No one respects him. He is an outsider waiting at a table of gangsters. He exists only to serve their whims. He is simply a mildly amusing object of abuse and ridicule.

Is this the guy who divined that Obama would be a great president based on the crease in his pant leg?

Brooks is a putz. He is a faux intellectual without critical thinking skills and so pathologically dishonest that he may actually beleive he is a conservative. I have known conservative intellectuals and David you are no conservative intellectual you are a self deluded moron

The "educated class" has reached a point of such complete ignorance and irrelevance that they are to be laughed at. I know that we have to take them seriously because for now they do control the power in Washington, and they still have their large, albeit shrinking microphones, and they are doing real damage to our country, but I feel that we true conservatives are resurgent.

The MSM for me is no more intellectual than the magazines my 12 year old reads: Twist, J-14, Tiger Beat. These tween magazines provide nonstop glorification of the current tween idols. How is that different from the New York Times and the broadcast networks' coverage of Obama? How?

David Brooks, trying to be original, instead just looks like just another "wizard of smart." What a vapid, entirely disposable dope!

Who cares about this grinning, smarmy, effeminate NYSlimes manipulator? A little bit of brooks goes a long way. Best he stay in his gun-free crime-riddled urban gulags that he and his fellow swells so love.

The real America might make him uncomfortable and his mascara might run.

The American "education" system is run by the "educated" class. Small wonder America has to import so many "skilled" workers. In the U.S., math and science have been "affirmatively" cast aside in favour of more touchy-feely curricula...like contemplating babbling Brooks.

Only the highly intelligent can look at a pants crease and judge leadership and character....Gee, I wish I were so darned smart!

Brooks is a typical Washington Beltway Elitist. He has become a liberal loon living in his mansion looking down on us peons. He thinks we not his equal and don't know what's good for us. So, he the Lord of the Manor tells us to stay in our huts and gratefully accept the handouts from the loons and elites.

The whole Obama administration is made up of tax cheats, liars, radicals, socialists, thugs and incompetent boobs. Perhaps Brooks can find the time to investigate them and report it to us the peons paying the bill.

To paraphrase an old saying, "Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are dumb than it is to say something and remove all doubt." Ever since the pants-leg-crease comment, David Brooks seems intent on removing all doubt from the minds of anybody paying even the least attention.

I've had it up to well past my eyebrows with all these "smart people" who could not see Zer0 for the anti-American Marxist thugocrat he was when we all knew it eighteen months ago. Zer0 spouts the standard liberal line of propaganda better than anybody we have heard in years but this is not "intellectualism". It's a pack of lies. Believing a pack of lies after millenia of proven failures is not even "smart". It may be hopelessly optimistic but that bears no resemblance to intelligence.

We have some of the dumbest smart people on Earth and David Brooks would qualify as their leader.

Intellectuals "R" Us? Idiots "R" Us is more like it. This pompous pantywaist is as left as they come & he's got plenty of company. David Frum, Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, Michael Smerconish, Joe Scarborough, etc. These "cocktail set" Republicans are pathetic & should be ignored by intelligent Americans. All pushed Obungler on the American people during the 2008 Presidential election after guzzling the Kool-Aide & are complicit it in the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution currently being undertaken by Obungler & the Democrats in Congress. Brooks is laughable as a columnist & brain dead as a thinker.

"You Can Lead Liberals & RINOs To Knowledge, But You Can't Make Them Think!" – ME

Brooks can't be very bright if he thinks he's a conservative.

Who is really surprised that David Brooks is having a hissy fit - he's a boob and moroon. Just as an aside, isn’t it these intellectual elitists (i.e. Geithner, BHO, Ayers) that have brought us to this point – enough said.

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